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We told you about it last week: tonight wednesday 3 june à 23h (Paris time) will take place a developer livestream to show us the next playable race: the togrutas, and the new fortress of Yavin IV! Don't feel like watching the live stream on the in-game Twitch channel? "Especially since it's in English"?

So stay on this page and refresh! Tonight during the livestream, we'll be updating it live, with a detailed minute-by-minute summary of the announcements made. And the best thing is that we do this to you in spanish?

The summary will look like this, as in our last live summary: "Nth minute: The developers are announcing such a thing "

H - 3 minutes : Come on, let's warm our fingers to write this summary!

start: Eric Musco is accompanied by one of the designers named Tobby.

6nd minute: first sight of the togruta chosen for the livestream! No male for today as they are still working on it! They would like to implement the togrutas for 3.3 (no date given) with the fortress. The price will surely be similar to the cathars?


10nd minute: Restarting the stream to make us languish a little longer to see Yavin (not actually the stream (not the game) lag a bit so he restarts to try to stop it).

11nd minute: I take this opportunity to show you the first image of the entrance to the fortress of Yavin IV, image given just before the restart.


30th minute: Due to connection issues I am unfortunately unable to do the live summary ... I hate my connection! She annoys me right when it is not necessary.

34nd minute: Connection recovered, the fortress is just huge, and the hooks can be transformed into more possible combinations. Yavin IV (the fortress) will definitely be in 3.3, but the togrutas are not certain. PTS 3.3 will be available tomorrow! We will also have the PTS 3.3 patch-notes. Update 3.3 is scheduled for July 21!


39th minute : No increase in the number of fortresses that you can own (4 currently) so you will have to deactivate some. Many decorations will be added, we saw in particular lianas to be put on the ceiling.


43rd minute : The price of the fortress should be comparable to Tatooine and Nar Shaddaa. And the togrutas like the cathars.

44rd  : The #FallenEmpire coming up on June 15 remains a mystery. Musco doesn't want to say anything about it, other than he's excited about it. Note from myself: a new event?


47nd minute: we see a nice balcony and pretty fountains


50nd minute: Since it is a temple, you can climb on it from the outside and decorate the outside of this temple.


53nd minute: Examples of new decorations: falling mold! Good point, they will be available against credits!


56nd minute: Tomorrow the PTS will not cover Yavin but only PvP changes. Yavin IV has 2 ship hooks and loads of other things not shown. On June 15th, #FallenEmpire should be online rather than in-game.

60nd minute: End of the stream. As a final reminder: to access the roof of the temple, you are propelled by rockets.


As soon as the replay is available, we'll bring you a more complete, tidy summary, and more images! (especially the 15 minutes that I missed because of my damn connection!)

Thanks for following us and good night to you!

Ps: stay a little longer, we should have the PTS 3.3 patch notes in a few minutes

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