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Are you sick of that droid pipelette not working while your other companions are using their skills to the fullest, with 1.2 you can finally put this useless painter to work ...

This is what Bioware told us for this 1.2 about these additions:

Droids ...

Finally, regarding everyone's favorite character, the C2-N2 droid and its Imperial counterpart, the equally charming 2V-R8 ship maintenance droid, I am pleased to share with you the following press release in the Bulletin d ' information of the Republic:

"C2 Droids is proud to announce the manufacture of a new series of droid sensors for its flagship product, the C2-N2. These sensors will dramatically improve the effectiveness of crew skills and the odds of success. critical success of this unit used under normal conditions, out of combat.

In order not to be left behind by its counterpart in the Republic, the company Droïdes 2V has announced the upgrade of the sensors of its famous line of droids 2V-R8. The company categorically denies reports that these new sensors will increase the voice frequency of the upgraded units!

According to our information, the personality matrix of these two lines of droids has been enhanced using an experimental emotional response chip, which allows them to accept gifts and rewards offered as a token of appreciation by their current master. The crew skill performance of these units will increase upon acceptance of these items in a way specially designed to simulate the response often associated with the transfer of goods between organics.

Note that Balmorra Microprocessors has discovered a critical design flaw in the "appreciation" routine of its top-selling "Droid Voice Response Chip", which is used in most currently available ship maintenance droids. This flaw would result in an expression of undue appreciation for owners arriving near their droid's sensors and is responsible for the dramatic rise in incidents involving escape pods across the galaxy over the past two months. A plan for the repair and replacement of affected units has been developed and should be promptly implemented. "

And indeed, since 1.2 and the Legacy system you can also equip your ship, as well as that of all your characters by owning one, with a repair droid. To obtain this droid, you must first have reached inheritance level 7 and spend 1 credits.

This droid has in its inventory items dedicated to your companion droid supplied with your C2-N2 (Republic side) and 2V-R8 (Empire side) ship. For the moment, only one location is available, that of sensor.

There are 6 sensors sold and allow your droid to benefit from crafting bonuses in different professions.

You can therefore obtain for example these different sensors with their associated bonuses if you are an inquisitor like me:

  • exploration
  • Hunter
  • engineering
  • Products
  • medical
  • scout

Efficiency : +5 Archeology

Critical : +5 synthweaving

Efficiency : +10 investigation

Critical : +2 Manufacture of weapons

Efficiency : +5 Recovery

Critical : +5 Cybernetics

Efficiency : +10 Armor Crafting

Critical : +2 Illegal trade

Efficiency : +10 Biochemistry

Critical : +2 Diplomacy

Efficiency : +10 firework

Critical : +2 Treasure hunt

These sensors, however, require a level 12 of inheritance and cost 100 credits each, but hey, putting this lazy droid to work is priceless ....

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