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We continue in the focus of Swtor's partners. After taking an interest in Aric Jorgan, Vette, Kira Carsen and Kaliyo Djannis, let's make a stopover on the Empire side with Mako, a hacker, who will follow the bounty hunter on his adventures.


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Mako has 8 customizations, plus a rakghoul special



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Mako sees the Bounty Hunter as a way to avenge Braden's death, but also to keep a foothold in the underworld. Mako has a lot of questions about her past, and she thinks the Bounty Hunter can help her answer them.

Mako loves being part of a team and she is aware of everyone's strengths:

  • She finds 2V-R8 very useful aboard the ship, although too talkative.
  • She thinks of Blizz a bit like her big brother, but he hits her on the system sometimes.
  • Gault, with his egocentric con artist, reminds her of bad memories of her childhood on Nar Shadaa and she prefers to avoid his company.
  • It is with Torian that Mako forges real bonds, seeing him as someone he can trust.

Mako has always known the underworld and Braden's brutal death has turned his world upside down. This is why she decides to stay with the Bounty Hunter in order to help him in the Great Hunt. But other reasons push her: endowed with a cybernetic implant linking her with the Holonet, for a reason she does not know, she seeks answers to the questions she asks herself: why such an implant? Who are his parents ? why did they abandon it?

Mako doesn't really like mixing work and feelings. But a Bounty Hunter, with the right words and the right gifts, could very well change her mind.


You can find more details about Mako on his dedicated Holonet page. You can also go to the forum to discuss this partner more fully.

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