SWTOR - Massive PvP Event # 2

Following the enthusiasm for the first massive PVP event (approximately 110 people), we decided to try the experience again. This event will take place on Sunday, September 9 on the Mantle of the Force server.

This time it will be a little different. Two personalized channels will be set up, one on the Republic side and the other on the Empire side, called memoriumevent. This will allow, if several groups of operations have to be created, to give the information to everyone. As for the groupage it will be between 20:30 p.m. and 21 p.m., it will suffice to respond to the announcements made in this channel.

To join a channel, it's simple just enter the command / cjoin memoriumevent, in the message bar. These personalized channels will be used to pass information through:

  • on the Empire side, a Memorium member: Broxxor, Pelleg, Sparga or Mirkwood
  • on the Republic side: Ciphylla (reroll of Enok'durpi) and Pol'akai (member of the Perseids)

Now let's tackle the actual course of the event. So already for, which will differ from the last time, the planets will not be planned in advance (we know them but you will understand later why), then it will be a race against the clock ( you will understand later also).

The event will take place in 3 parts, two organized and a third completely free):

  1. The Empire will attack a base on a planet, which will be given to the Empire along with its target through the Custom Channel. Once the target is taken by the Empire, the Republic will be notified via a message in the event channel of the point the Empire has just seized. The Empire will then have time for the Republic Defense Group to arrive to organize its defense. Once the entire defense group of the Republic gathered in front of the place to be resumed, the start will be given. We will then start a stopwatch, the goal being to completely cleanse the place of any presence of the Empire. Once the place is clean, the stopwatch is stopped.
  2. The second part is similar to the first except that this time, it is the Republic which will attack a base and the Empire will have to take back this strategic point. The winner will be the one who retakes the base taken by the opponent as quickly as possible.
  3. Once the event is over, everyone will be invited to come and celebrate the victory of one side or the other over Illum in the central assault, take a small photo of the two groups, and why not small fights. If some want to do 1v1,2v2,3v3 ect ect.

As for the limit of people, we do not foresee any at the moment. At the last moment, if we see that one group is really outnumbered compared to the other, we will advise. There is nothing to gain except the pleasure of participating in a large gathering of players, having fun and getting to know a large number.

We really hope that a lot of people will be there (especially the Republic which was a little outnumbered the last time). Regarding behavior, we want everyone to listen to the organizers because, even if it is a massive event, a little organization is always necessary to avoid any overflow.

We invite all players, the event is based on PVP but both PVE and RP players are expected, your equipment does not matter, strength is that of numbers. For Rp players, the event announcements will be made in slightly RP form so if you want your character to experience a big battle, now is the time.

We are still looking for a streamer, a camera-man (one in each camp if possible) and a photographer (same one in each camp) to cover the event. To do this, contact either Enok'durpi directly in-game, or Starships on the forum.

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