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Born forty-four years before the Treaty of Coruscant, the future Darth Baras belongs to a family blessed by the Force. His sister served on the Dark Council as the Dark Ekkage of the Sphere of Mysteries. He himself was chosen as an apprentice by another member of the Council, Darth Vengean of the Sphere of Military Crimes (or Military Offensives according to the translation). He also served him until he died, before succeeding him. He had already declined to be part of this Empire ruling group once, at the end of the Great Galactic War. As a military leader, this Inquisitor established himself by facing Jedi such as Masters Wyellett and Nomen Karr. He was even chosen as chief diplomat to represent his side in the peace negotiations. He was recognized as a high-flying military and political strategist, the master of one of the most feared espionage services, infiltrating his rivals and allies as well as the command of the Republic. In short, one of the most powerful members of the hierarchy outside of the Black Council. And like any good Sith, he was biding his time to get as much as possible.

For a long time, Darth Baras' greatest year was that of the Treaty of Coruscant. Alarmed by certain visions of the future, the Emperor had wanted to temporize and had asked the members of the Black Council to negotiate a peace. It seemed to him that he had to rebuild himself. But the seven survivors of the council disagreed and several protested. The most virulent was Darth Vengean, but the word of their deified leader was the force of law. How to keep control over these negotiations by being a requester? Darth Baras came up with a plan: Grand Moff Kilran and Darth Angral would raid Coruscant to take the enemy capital hostage. The representatives of the Republic would be obliged to accede to all their requests. He was rewarded by receiving the post of chief diplomat of the delegation that would go to Alderande. His plan was successful and he was offered for the first time to join the Dark Council. He declined the promotion. Now was not the time, he would be too exposed for what he wanted to do. Plus, there was Darth Angral to deal with who didn't appreciate finding out that he had been just a diversion. And a plot of a Jedi master who went into the Dark side following the treaty and sought to rekindle the war by implicating him. He had to join forces with his rival for this long-awaited peace to continue. And allows them to gather their strength. The Jedi unmasked, denounced by his family and defeated, they were able to separate and resume their personal ambitions. Darth Baras once again became the right arm of his master Dark Vengean.

For ten years, Darth Baras placed pawns in several key positions in the galaxy. He thus had under his orders one of the most important intelligence organizations, with the secret services of the two powers and that of the Shroud. We know little of his apprentices, because he immediately replaced them with rivals to spy on them. Even among allies. Because among the Sith, we only remain partners until one betrays the other. Working closely with Darth Vengean, he hatched a plan that was to bring down the peace in due course. That moment had almost arrived when something unexpected nearly derailed the machine: his former Jedi enemy Nomen Karr was leading a hunt against his spies thanks to the talents of his new apprentice. Quickly, Baras had to find an agent capable of eliminating this threat. He recruited him on Korriban, from among the Sith initiates of the nobility. And too bad if some rivals wanted to use it to infiltrate his organization, the first order was to kill the intermediate overseer who wanted to be manipulative. This young warrior was a real success. He traced Nomen Karr's trail, confronted him, defeated him, unveiled the Dark side that was gnawing at him and even passed this apprentice over to the Empire side. No more obstacles stood in the way of Plan Zero, it could now make the peace crumble. Several officers of the Republican high command were assassinated, prompting the survivors to declare a resumption of war. Among the victims of his killers was also Darth Vengean, who thus opportunely freed his place in the Dark Council for his second. And this time, Darth Baras was careful not to refuse it. It was not long either in announcing that he was the new Voice of the Emperor, a Force follower in mental communication with their supreme leader. As long as the latter did not contradict him, he could in his name lead the entire Empire without opposition.

Of course, he wasn't really the Voice of the Emperor. The real one was a prisoner on Voss, a ritual keeping their master's consciousness with him. The only others to know the truth were direct servants of the ruler of the Empire, the Hand of the Emperor. After Lord Scourge's defection, they appointed a new Emperor's Fury. Darth Baras had tried to eliminate his last apprentice, deeming him too dangerous. Here is a perfect candidate to support, eager for revenge. Their first joint action was to prevent Darth Ekkage from being freed by his brother's agents. Their reunion would have made them too powerful. The Emperor was freed from Voss and confirmed his new Fury. Within the Dark Council, Darth Vowrawn of the Production and Logistics Sphere challenged Darth Baras' preeminence. During the Battle of Corellia, he was saved from the assassins of the False Voice by the Envoy of the Hand. They joined forces to destroy their common enemy's power base on the planet, including releasing a Force ghost that supplied them with visions. Vownrawn used his political resources to provoke a direct confrontation before the Dark Council on Korriban. The Emperor being too weak to intervene, it is a duel which separated them. The apprentice shot his old master down. His plans thus exposed, the power of Darth Baras was shattered. Whether he is dead, imprisoned or exiled does not matter. The Black Council ensured that its organization was dismantled so that it would no longer serve anyone. So it is with the Sith who fail.

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