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Zmx, an officer of the Exile guild on Baron Deathmark, told me about his technique to recover the Oro mini-pet, a new egg available with 1.2. Having rushed to retrieve it, I share with you his method with some personal additions. The opportunity to update the list of mini-pets.

Start your quest by going to the merchant who sells the SGGM and buy the SCPATR (5K credit if I remember correctly). Zmx is not really sure about this step, whether it is mandatory or not. He just knows that with the item in his inventory, he was able to capture the egg. Not having the desire to innovate or find another solution, I therefore did the same.


Stage 1: Alderaan

You have to go here:


The goal once you have passed the first step is to land on the big trunk in the middle. Once placed on the trunk, you will see Oro's nest below. Raise your life to the maximum before falling because this fall hurts (approximately 12K):


Once in the nest, all you have to do is wait for the egg to arrive. On some forums, I read that it was at least 4 hours. Others are looking at 8 o'clock. For the moment, I stay ahead and I keep you informed of the deadline with more precision (I took it at 6:52).


Step 1: other locations

It was also reported to me by a visitor yesterday, Neph that there are two other alternative locations for the Oro parakeet egg:

  • 1930, -1451: climb the mountain, go through the tunnel, and on exiting, continue to climb. You will find the escarpment above the entrance to the tunnel.

  • -2470, 150

  • an egg of another type of Oro (Orosquab) is collected from the last boss of the Lost Island (Flashpoint)

On the Republic side, we do not necessarily need to play the balancing act on the branch according to Leny. Indeed, there are 2 nests but the egg reappears alternately on one or the other. You just have to fall into the first nest, then climb on the rocks to reach the other nest.


Etape 2 : Tatooine

For those who have made the quest for the magenta crystal, we will remember these small spots on Tatooine where water collectors appeared. Well the adventure of these recuperators does not end there, they will be of use to us once again. To find out where they are, you can take the place marked below on my screens but also all those listed for the magenta crystal (967, 458).


Other places

You can find water elsewhere, especially here:

Only the structures which have the first form and which have a base above the ground have water. So the bases driven into the ground will never have any:



Frozen Water cannot be sold to a merchant or the galactic market. Once the item is collected, you get an upgrade called Refreshment and Sustenance:


Go to the area marked in red below (do not take the cursor position into consideration) to find a disturbing machine:

With your egg in your inventory, go under the machine and, normally, this message appears in red on your screen and in your "general" channel:

"You are entering a powerful zone of heat, your egg is showing signs of life."


And if all goes well, after ten seconds or so, you should have your egg hatching (get out of the incubator quickly, it's an exhaustion zone once the refresh buff is used up). From now on, the egg no longer appears in the inventory, it is sent by mail (allow about ten minutes).

Hoping to make people happy with this guide!

Zmx, guilde Exile
Baron Deathmark

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