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Continuing his journey, TheDragon offered me a second mission report in the players' gallery (which, I remind you, is addressed to all visitors) at the start of the weekend! Warning, it may contain some spoilers, consume in moderation?


After I came to my senses in the local cantina of Taris I'm heading to the main town to get information and help the unfortunate people who need me. Taris is a rather inhospitable planet, full of rakghouls, a kind of half-human, half-beast creature with a lot of teeth. The planet is infested with it, especially since the rakghoul infection is transmitted very easily and as misfortune never happens alone, there are pirate camps all over the place.

So I decide to bring order to this planet in the name of the Galactic Republic and the Jedi Consorsium. The task is not easy, but strength will help me. During my journey I have pleasantly noticed the good done of the update concerning the archaeological deposits, they are now almost all harvestable. There is no longer a display bug that made it possible to see them even if they were not harvestable.

The quests on this planet are mainly around the rakghouls and I assure you that you will be happy when you leave the planet to no longer see these beasts near you! When you have finished the main quests, you will find at the bottom of the map, to the south, an area of ​​“bonus” quest givers which will allow you to climb one or two more levels to arrive on the next area much more calmly.

On Taris you can find several datacrons

1st: Loc: -1513, -255 [+6 Stamina] - You will have to follow the ledge from -1367, -208, then jump on what looks like a pipe, and advance to the holocron.

2nd: Loc: -643, 1606 [+10 Tip] - Enter the cellar abandoned by pirates in -768, 1191 and take the elevator at the bottom of the republican mine. When you get to the holocron area you will see a bulldozer, use it to jump from box to box to reach the holocron. The closest fly is the “Bomber command post”.

3rd: Loc: 1047, 454 [+10 Aim] - East of the 75th Legion forward camp, on the beam coming out of the ground. You will have to jump on the beam and step on it. You can reach the beam in 941, 314.

4: Loc: 1187, -574 [+10 Presence] - In transport station 5 (north of the "Border Assault Post") in 390, 3 at the first crossroads in the road, turn left and continue until the 'holocron. It is located on an elevated platform, it is quite easy to reach it.

5: Loc: 442, -772 [+10 Willpower] - North-east of the Alpha outpost, you'll have to jump from beam to beam starting at 359, -901, if you fall you will die!

6: Loc: Not Provided [+10 Willpower] - [R] In the Abandoned Power Plant in Tulara Marsh, at the top of the inner porch. You will need to be 2 to reach the holocron.


After helping the Republic find a remedy by giving of myself by having me inoculated the virus, I leave Taris serene, leaving the best chances for the inhabitants to re-colonize the planet in better conditions than on my arrival.

The Force now directs me towards Nar Shadaa, planet known for these looters, its black market and a number of various thugs. It is an area full of temptations and debauchery but which does not shake my faith in the Force.

This planet is a metallic cluster of multitudes of buildings, one bigger the other with a rather dubious galactic taxi system. However, it is the only way to travel quickly to get to where the Force guides me. So I listen to my instincts and I go to these shabby neighborhoods.

Along the way I meet some aliens oppressed by a gang of thugs who want to control an entire neighborhood and expel merchants and recalcitrant residents. I cannot tolerate this and oppose myself with all my might against the enemies of the Republic.

I also meet a relatively cooperative Huth with the Republic although these real intentions are in my humble opinion quite different ... However any help is good to take.

On this planet, I was shocked at how many cabs you have to take to do all the quests on this planet, the areas are relatively small and therefore you have to navigate between the different “islets” of the neighborhoods to get out of it.

Here too datacron hunter you will find your happiness

1st: Loc: 1943, 2481 [+6 Stamina] - [I] Near the network area taxi, you look down, and will make out a taxi beneath you. You will have to jump precisely on the platform, this taxi will take you directly to the holocron. Then use your reminder to return.

2nd: Loc: 2930, 397 [+6 Presence] - [I] Located on a high platform, in the rebel refuge in the Duros district. You will need to have strong platformer skills to achieve it: Start in 1616, -2676. Then, jump from box to box to reach the beam, walk along the ledge to reach the "canvas", you will then see an elevator for the residential area. You arrive above the holocron, you have to drop delicately on the holocron.

3rd: Loc: -3700, -1692 [+6 Aim] - [I] On a high platform in the correlian sector. You will see a kiosk floating in the area, you will have to jump on its roof in -3758, -1681 (use the crates). The kiosk will take you to juqsu'a the holocron.

4th: Loc: 2192, 3068 [+6 Str] - [R] In the dark city, climb the ramp then cross the bridge, then jump from lamp to lamp to reach the holocron.

5th: Loc: -3364, -3312 [+6 Aim] - [R] In the Nikito sector, there is a holocron at the top of the pestle. Use the boxes in the corner to reach the cable and the holocron.

6th: Loc: 3341, -3291 [+6 Precision] - [R] Sector "RedLight", enter the group zone located at 3462, -3521, turn right twice, you will then hear the cube. Jump on the elevator and there you are.

7th: Loc: 1931, 3314 [+6 Tip] - In the high security zone: look for a stack of crates to reach the cremation zone. In it, quickly run to the console and enter the following commands: commands ventilation 3918, hydro 3782, incinerator 3827. This will open the door to the holocron. Remember to search the game machine, to get the item required to reach the next holocron.

8th: Loc: 1702 3084 [Yellow matrix] - In the network security room, just before the transfer bridge there is a stack of crates. Jump on it to wait for the next level. There you will find a gaming machine with the holocron on it. Use the item you picked up from the previous holocron to get it. 

A semblance of order being reestablished on Nar'Shadaa, I left for a new planet where the Force calls me: Tatooine. A planet far from the jurisdiction of the Galactic Republic where conflicts are settled with blasters, an arid planet where the peasants go to great lengths to produce water, assailed by a local militia and the men of the sands… The duty call me….

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