GW2 - Discovery: Rata Sum

I continue my series of articles on the discovery of points of interest with the capital of Asura, Rata Sum.


We have 5 types of points of interest:

  •  : mission (301)
  •  : waypoint (507)
  • : remarkable site (717)
  •   : skill challenge (202)
  •  : panoramas (266)

In parenthesis, I indicated the number of points of interest in the world. What to take care of, isn't it! Each time you discover all of these points of interest for a given area, you unlock a chest full of gifts. Rest assured, I'll help you sort it out.


In this area we have 9  19  and 5 . This area is particularly scary when you arrive ... because it is a huge cube with lots of ramps that go down from the first level! In fact, you will see that it is not: the Asura are scientists and everything is logical, symmetrical. In order not to get lost, I still advise you to follow my path (which is worth what it is worth). In this guide, I started from the Lion's Arch portal, to the far north.

  • Level 1: universities
  • Level 2: unions
  • Level 3: research


Level 1: universities

When you arrive from the Lion's Arch (I must tell you more about this city ...) you arrive on the upper level, dominating the entire neighboring region.

Take advantage of the magnificent view and take the tour methodically to discover all the sites (the Magiedron in the East in the University of Statics, Thaumaturgical Calculus in the South in the University of Synergetics and Golem Prototype PR-1000 in the 'West in the University of Dynamics). You will also have three waypoints: one to the north (Magustan's Court), one to the southeast (Metric Court), and one to the southwest (Magic Court).

The panorama of this level is on a ledge of the University of Statics. To climb, you have to use the roots that come out of the facade. On my left below you have the starting point. From there, you can climb onto the small platform that points and onto the intermediate platform (from which a pink flag descends). Stick well to the wall and you will easily reach the panorama (which can be seen to my right). If that doesn't work, jump all over the place, your character will find his way on his own.

In the middle, an elevator provides access to the Arcane Council, a mini-instance where you will find a remarkable site of the same name.

As you would expect in an Asura area, portals connect different locations. The 3 portals in the southwest allow you to reach:

  • the Applied Development Lab (house) with a remarkable site (committed demo station)

  • Snaff's Memorial Lab with a remarkable site (Zojja's workstation (no touch!))

  • sunset anchorage with a remarkable site (Quai du Levant), a crossing point and a panorama. For the latter, access is from the inside of the boat where intelligently placed boxes allow you to climb on the roof and access the panorama. An Asura portal allows you to go back to the capital and access the portals in the south-east.

The south-eastern portals lead to:

  • at the quai du couchant (see above)
  • to the idea incubator with a crossing point and a remarkable site (user station)
  • the province of Metrica (zone 1-15 of departure of the Asuras)

To continue, nothing could be simpler, everything is very symmetrical and at the 3 corners, you can find ramps, allowing you to descend to the intermediate level.


Level 2: unions

At this level, we find the same logic as on the upper level, with remarkable sites in 3 corners (the Hall of craftsmen in the North-West in the Syndicat de la Dynamique, the Hall de la Forge in the North-East in the Syndicate of the Static and the Hall of butchering in the South in the Syndicate of Synergetics). Meet on the terraces for the last two because each time you will find two new remarkable sites

  • Hall de la Forge: on the left the Veilleurs recruiting station and on the right the atrium of Polymock
  • Butchering hall: on the left the Priory recruiting station and on the right the Arcane Eye department

If you have vertigo, take your courage in both hands because it is soooo high ...

You have a central crossing point, named Accounting, and a panorama. To get there, it's very simple, just follow the small luminous path. Towards the top, you will notice a small platform allowing you to hoist yourself up to the level of the panorama.

At the 3 corners, you can use one of the 3 descending stairs.


Level 3: research

Again, the same logic. You have 3 notable sites at 3 angles (Peacekeeper Headquarters in the Northwest in the Lower Research Piles, the Aquatarium in the Northeast in the Apprentice Booths, and the Inquest Recruitment Station in the South in the Auxiliary study rooms) and 3 crossing points around the central point, the golem mines.

There are 2 panoramas on this level. The first (in the center) is in the branches below. To access it, stand on the southern footbridge (above the auxiliary crossing point) and jump on the cube.

Aim skillfully at the flying platform otherwise the fall will be catastrophic (and fatal). Did you see how tiny I am up there?

The second (to the east) is at the top of a small pyramid. You can climb on the right side, thanks to the slope.


As you can imagine, I will continue my walk in Asura zone 1-15, Metrica Province!

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