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Here is one of the methods to reach level 400 in Artifice, this one is not the only one of course but this guide should allow you to have a line to follow.


The components you will need

All listed materials are redeemable through the Archeology Crew Skill, Crafting Components are sold by Crew Skill Merchants or redeemable through Archeology Missions. The list may get shorter if you reverse engineer all of your crafted crafts, but it is best to start with the stock listed below.

  • Rank 1 Crystals & Artifacts :
    • Rubat's Crystal x80
    • Lost Artifact Fragment x40
  • Crystals & Artifacts de Rang 2 :
    • Eralam Crystal x40
    • Nextor Crystal x60
    • Sacred Artifact Fragment x60
  • Crystals & Artifacts de Rang 3 :
    • Bondar Crystal x40
    • Opila Crystal x60
    • Ancient Artifact Fragment x60
    • Prehistoric Artifact Fragment x40
  • Crystals & Artifacts Rang 4 :
    • Firkrann's Crystal x40
    • Galactic Artifact Fragment x40
  • Crystals & Artifacts de Rang 5 :
    • Damind's Crystal x40
    • Phond Crystal x40
    • Hypertechno Artifact Fragment x60
    • Alien Artifact Fragment x40
  • Manufacturing components :
    • Fibrous nylite solution x60 (10 credits each)
    • Thermionic gel suspension x60 (50 credits per unit)
    • Demicot silk x60 (100 credits per unit)
    • Brocade filaments x100 (150 credits each)
    • Zeyd fabric x60 (250 credits each)


The way





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