SWTOR - Mysteries of the Imperial Fleet # 1

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As in many places in the galaxy in the universe of "The Old Republic" (see the article on Hutta easter eggs), the Imperial Fleet conceals many mysteries, "easter eggs" and other cosmic quirks.

It was while waiting for the departure towards new adventures against the Republicans or a game of Huttball that I traversed the Imperial fleet up and down and across and at various times of the day and I discovered the mysteries there. I will tell you in the next 2 articles.

In this first part, it will be about easter eggs and bug in the matrix, in the second part I will tell you a wonderful story of clones ...


Imperial Fleet easter eggs

As usual I have identified the main easter eggs, there are inevitably others that I have not been able to detect (and that I hope you will tell me) and some not necessarily very reliable.

  • A masked Sith warrior talking to bounty hunters

If you go to the shadow of Ziost (it's up to you to look from there) you will find a small group of rather peculiar characters where a Sith warrior in black armor talks to Bounty Hunters who may remind you of one of the scenes from the Empire Strikes Back.

In this scene, Vader sends the message to the best Bounty Hunters in the galaxy to pursue Luke and his gang. On the shadow of Ziost we will find a mandalorian alias Boba Fett, a Droid alias IG88, a guy with a turban alias Dengar and a Trandoshian alias Bossk as well as a second droid "4-LOM" who is also present in the scene. original of the saga.


  • A Hutt accompanied by a Mandalorian in the VIP Zone

In the VIP area accessible only if you have bought the collector's version or paid a million credit for the access pass, you can sometimes find a Hutt accompanied by a rather scantily clad twi'lek and a Mandalorian ...


  • A bounty hunter with a turban on his head

Also in the same area I could see a double of the Bounty Hunter with the Dengar turban already seen on the Shadow of Ziost


  • Le Jukebox of the canteen

As in all the Jukeboxes of the galaxy, you will find in the one of the VIP area of ​​the Imperial Fleet in exchange for a token bought from the bartender droid a choice of songs inspired by our universe, so "Wampa n ° 5" is of course for example a reference to "Mambo n ° 5"


  • A strangely dressed merchant

Finally, I find, but it is perhaps only a reflection of my imagination, that the security key merchant has a rather special look that reminds me more particularly of a game created by another game company installed in Canada, not you ?


Hidden areas and bug in the matrix

There are several hidden areas on the Imperial Fleet, one of which on the Ziost Shadow Bridge is particularly well known from the article on the +10 alla caracs datacron: the fleet museum 

In addition to the current exhibitions and the hidden area that I invite you to discover, we can find a laser cannon in operation premise of what will be the laser of the black star 3500 years later.

Finally, there is another hidden area that I accidentally discovered while playing "I shoot you and you will fall" with a fellow Inquisitor and not dying: the moat of the fleet.

As you can see on the screenshot, it's empty and it's no use, but apparently I saw videos of people using this area to exit the Imperial ship and end up in an unfinished area. Not having wanted to ban me I let you try ...

To be continued…

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