SWTOR - Old and new enemies

Galactic History

The threat of Revan and his troops forced factions of the Republic and the Empire to ally themselves to defeat him on Yavin's fourth moon. But the victory turned out to be bitter. Emperor Vitiate, a disembodied spirit vampirizing several bodies for over a thousand years, manifested his presence after three full years when everyone believed him dead. And he signed his return in such a way that even the leaders of the Empire can no longer see him as their quasi-divine leader but a threat to their own existence. Moreover, the possibility of such an alliance can only raise the hairs of the most fervent warmongers on both sides. But among these is the Chancellor of the Republic Leontyne Saresh. When she learns of the existence of unrest on Ziost, a planet at the heart of imperial history and space, she takes control of the SIS operation which has gone to investigate and orders an immediate invasion. If success seems unlikely, prey far too large to swallow so easily, fighting should reignite conflict and remove pacifists from public attention.

However, Leontyne Saresh acted without knowing the situation on the planet. Did she imagine finding a rebellious front there that would welcome her with open arms? Failed, they have nothing to do with the crisis in New Adasta, capital of Ziost. It is the Emperor Vitiate who is responsible for it. His witchcraft allows him to take possession of the bodies of many inhabitants and combatants. The troops and mercenaries of the Republic who land are no exception. Even the Sixth Line, a Jedi squad of the SIS fell under his control. Only a handful of survivors from both camps managed to resist him, gathered around Imperial Intelligence Minister Lana Beniko. They manage to find a way to free the people of the capital, but have no way to go directly to the disembodied spirit of Vitiate. The SIS manages to convince Leontyne Saresh to evacuate the area, allowing the Darth Marr Imperials to offer a way out for civilians trapped on the surface, but it is too late. The former Sith Emperor performed a ritual that the Hero of Tython had prevented him from performing on three occasions. It absorbs all life on the surface, human, animal or plant, in order to increase its power. He is more dangerous than ever, especially since no one knows his new body. Or an elder he would have hidden on an unknown planet?

Militarily, the battle of Ziost had no winner. Politically, Leontyne Saresh got what she wanted. Crushing and pushing aside a few far more sane officers who would never have let themselves be drawn into this of their own accord. The Emperor's threat? The chancellery office minimizes it. We must find him, yes. But she considers him as a single man, therefore capable of limited damage and therefore a non-priority target. There is much more urgency to settle beforehand. Like taking care of the Empire and its current leaders for example. Or this new group which has just appeared and which attacks certain outposts. An unknown group, which attacks both camps indiscriminately and using technology that no one can identify. Shields and laser pikes against blasters, but that's enough for them to win. They are human, led by twin brothers dressed in white and black and armed with lightsabers. But that's about all we know about them. Their victories are starting to get a little too frequent.

One of the attacks by these new belligerents is on the planet Korriban, another key world of the Sith Empire already the victim of a Republican raid last year. There, the Sith Academy students and their teachers seemed to put up better resistance. The twin white commander was even evacuated, suffering serious injuries. But he quickly returned to the front, reinforced with cybernetic prostheses. And Korriban fell, then abandoned by the victors. More recently, it is the black twin commander who has disappeared. But impossible to say why or where it happened. Perhaps it is even a matter of politics internal to their world (s) of origin. In any case, their numerous successes enabled them to demonstrate that they were dangerous. And at least to be considered as an equal of the Republic and the Empire. See more. Too little is known about them to be able to say that they have already launched all their might into battle. And what would be the size of their reserves?

Leontyne Saresh disapproves of any alliance with the Empire. But on the ground, its officers are more pragmatic. Several of them have secretly accepted Darth Marr's offer to work together to determine who these new attackers are and where they come from. They assemble a fleet in the Wilds, bordering on all known independent worlds. Curiously, it is in this direction that the specialists think that the former emperor Vitiate disappeared since Ziost. Coincidence or coincidence?

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