SWTOR - On the Road to KotFE: The Sith Warrior

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As Eric had announced, this week will mark the start of announcements focused on classes and the changes coming with KotFE. Each week to come will therefore be devoted to a class and its mirror. You will be able to (re) discover the history of this class as well as the gameplay changes that will take place with the release of KotFE, through a short summary.

Today, it is therefore the Sith Warrior who is in the spotlight. You can already find the story of the Sith Warrior told by Chaotin, our Master of the lore.

Attention, the following contains many revelations about the history of the Sith Warrior. Don't read if you don't want to be spoiled.


The road to destruction

What you are about to read is an excerpt from the official Star Wars ™: The Old Republic ™ Encyclopedia. This is a summary of the 3 acts of the history of the Sith Warrior class.



As the peace between Empire and Republic is threatened, it becomes urgent to find new Sith powerful enough to lead the troops in the war to come. Someone so Force-sensitive can only climb the ranks quickly and become one of the most formidable Sith in the galaxy. Led by Overseer Tremel, this privileged sidekick begins an accelerated training program within the Sith Academy of Korriban. The Acolyte flies over Sith trials, towers over all other students, and shows unparalleled strength in battle. He thus ends up becoming the apprentice of the Machiavellian Sith Lord Darth Baras and the most promising new Sith Warrior in the Empire.


Chapter 1: In pursuit of the Padawan

The Sith Warrior bows down to Darth Baras, a devious and cruel Sith spy master whose vast network of agents has infiltrated the Republic on every level possible. When a mysterious force sets out to unmask Baras' agents, he orders his Sith apprentice to find and root out what threatens his spy network. Together, the master and the apprentice discover the origin of the danger: a young Padawan with the ability to perceive the true nature of any living being. Guided by Jedi Master Nomen Karr, an old rival of Darth Baras, the padawan uses the Force to open up undercover spies and thus single-handedly destroy years of Baras' work.

By order of Baras, the Sith Warrior sets out in pursuit of Nomen Karr and his psychic padawan across the galaxy. When the Sith Warrior finally discovers the identity of the Padawan, a former servant of Alderaan named Jaesa Willsaam, Darth Baras hatches a plan to annihilate Nomen Karr and pull Jaesa out of her hiding place. The Sith Warrior triumphs over Nomen Karr and holds him hostage to force Jaesa to show up. Jaesa fights valiantly in an attempt to save her master, but the strength of the Sith and the Dark Side outstrips the inexperienced young Padawan. The Sith Warrior then ends up breaking her and making her his apprentice, thus saving Darth Baras' spy network and dealing the fatal blow to Jedi Master Nomen Karr.


Chapter 2: The Zero Plan

Once his spy network is saved, Darth Baras rewards his apprentice by awarding him the title of Sith Lord and sending him to carry out Plan Zero. This new mission occupies an important place in the strategy of the master of Dark Baras, who wishes to eliminate the upper echelon of the military command of the Republic and bring the latter to war.

Aided by intelligence from Darth Baras' spy ring, the Sith Warrior embarks on a destructive enterprise to hunt down and annihilate the highest military leaders in the Republic. The Warrior completes Plan Zero and pushes the Republic to the brink of war; as the master of Darth Baras, the powerful member of the Dark Council Dark Vengean, wished. But when Darth Baras secretly betrays his master and leads Vengean's flagship straight into a Republic ambush, Vengean loses the respect of his peers. By order of Darth Baras, the Warrior triumphs over Darth Vengean after a fierce duel in the Citadel of Dromund Kaas. Once Vengean is defeated, Darth Baras appropriates his former master's seat in the Dark Council and the galaxy enters war once again.


Chapter 3: Revenge of the Fury

Fearing the growing power of his apprentice, Darth Baras plots to kill this mighty Sith Warrior. An underground collapse is on the verge of crushing it, but the wounded Sith Lord is rescued from the rubble by a mysterious group known as the Hand of the Emperor. They make the Sith Warrior the Emperor's personal executor: the Emperor's Fury. The Hand tells him that Darth Baras intends to usurp the power of the Emperor; a betrayal made possible by the absence of it, occupied by affairs of the highest importance. Baras therefore intends to take power by claiming to act according to the Emperor's wishes.

Drunk with revenge and guided by the Hand of the Emperor, the Sith Warrior sets out to destroy Darth Baras before he takes control of the Empire. The Emperor's Fury allies with Darth Vowrawn, a captivating member of the Dark Council, to weaken Baras in preparation for the fight against the former master of the Fury. With all of the puzzle pieces in place, the Fury prepares for the final assault on Darth Baras.

The Emperor's Fury ends up making his way to the chambers of the Dark Council, in order to show everyone that Darth Baras is an impostor and a traitor claiming to speak on behalf of the Emperor. But to prove such an accusation to the Dark Council, the Fury must confront Baras in a bitter duel. The Fury emerges victorious, and knocks down an angry but broken Dark Baras. Once its vengeance is accomplished and the Emperor's will done, the Dark Council bow to the unmistakable power of the Emperor's Fury.

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