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Who I am
Martí Micolau


Today, I suggest you go and meet the Aliam Vitam guild, from Battle Meditation.

Guild history
The aliams have been around for a short time on Battle Meditation, that is to say since April 1 of this year ... For the most part we come from a guild of rerolls of the Empire (whose name I will not mention), evolving in as a nice republican but in the year of April Fool's Day, we decided to take up arms and thus show the evil Sithounets what care bears were made of ... as former slaves of the dark side, we thus decided to emancipate ourselves and create the "Aliam Vitam" (from the Latin "other life").

Since then, many other players from all walks of life and of all ages have decided to join us in our fight with comings, departures and other disappointments ... but the period of killing the guilds having passed, I named during school holidays, we are always present and more motivated than ever to unleash the full potential of the game and conquer the different planets offered by GSH.

One motto: "fun"

Come on our TS and you will see the atmosphere that reigns there but during the try in raid led by Hoku, we almost hear a fly farting and if it passes by it will be beheaded with a lightsaber. We are a small family who love the PvE challenge and we want the members who join us to feel at home…


Multigaming? If so, on what other games?
Not to my knowledge although some players like to wander around on a few FPS or others but MMO question, no.


Why this name? Motto ?
Well that as I said above, we had the pretension to create a guild of a new kind ... following a fed up with haters or other guilds seeking to farm as quickly and as high as possible and regardless of the low level members, we wanted more of a guild that takes the time to discover and make people discover and thus get to know the player behind the screen and not just his avatar… today, I am convinced that we have succeeded although we have an ambition of operations in nightmare, we are always present to welcome the new ones and to be delirious with them ... in short you come back from work after having taken the head well with your boss, your colleagues, your children then your woman, you put your feet in the most comfortable corner you press the power button on your bike and there it is "another life" that begins ... that's Aliam Vitam.


Orientation (PvE, PvP, RP)? In-game activities?
We are clearly focused on PvE and our goal is to clean up all successes in this game. Currently all of the PvE HM content is almost done with the exception of the Dread Council which shouldn't be too late (we've wasted some time with the holidays). We are affiliated with other guilds to follow us in our adventures at 16 and some event creations are organized on the fly (all the same we are on an RP server at the base ^^).

We also have a small start to a PvP roster, but not enough to break a bantha's four legs.


Hierarchy? Family guild, organized?
Ah. the question of hierarchy. we have 1 raid lead from the HL roster named Hoku (pronounce "or" for the "u", muddy jokes have already swept in), a skill trainer and very big DPS known as Furcifer (or el furcinator), a master craftsman for our craft (Emryce) and finally our sinews of war, "Narmo", galactic trader and manager of our magnificent forum… Why Galactic Trader ??? It's up to you to ask him what he sells and you will understand… he has even created his own sales network: "the Narmosian market"

Ah yes I forgot the GM, a tyrant named Miccoran and that is me. My role is just to collect as many credits as possible so that I can fly away with my guild ship in the end!


Reviews of the game?
I think we all agree that we are deeply lacking in PvE content, although we have refreshments to level up and increase the difficulty, the turnover is really short on Ops or whatever. ZL and we would like more novelty.

Today, we have reached the point of having to solo the ZL, see the Ops (CoE) to find a minimum of challenge and thrill. I think that that's too bad. Even if GSH has arrived and amuses us a little, but a lack will end up being felt until some people lose their ambition and go and discover new horizons


An anecdote about the guild?
Oh my god I have so many, but I think the one that marked us all was the day of our try in raid on Palais HM against Tyrans. We ended up falling in the end on a single square all against each other to have to avoid the furnace placed at the 4 corners of the square and the fear of a last simplification. It was to die for ... laughing


rjprojectsonline (at) Gmail (dot) com

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