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Valery Aloyants


Today we are going to see a new guild with a long history. I present to you Arcanum, republican guild on the Darth Nihilus server.

What is the history of your guild and why this name?
The Arcanum Guild is basically a guild created in 2007 on the Sinstralis server in the World Of Warcraft game. At that time, we managed to make our guild evolve into the top guilds of our server without falling into the military mindset that other guilds of our level could be.

We migrated to Aion for a while but the lack of content and constant farming made us quit the game. We put the guild on standby until the arrival of Star Wars (about 2 years).

The return to TOR was made thanks to Kazaide, he managed to bring together a maximum of our former members. We started our adventure on the Star Map server. As some of our members took their time to level up to take advantage of the background of the game, the officers recruited quickly enough that people at maximum level could conduct operations fairly quickly.

When Denova arrived, our guild had switched to PvP and a lot of members and staff were gone. The arrival of the merger marked a change in the guild, the change of GM as well as a wave of recruitment to fill the gaps in the classes that we lacked. Unfortunately, we didn't have the level to compete with the big guilds playing on Darth Nihilus.

After a 2 week reflection, we launched into PvE by catching up on our competitors. Despite a rather difficult recruitment because we did not have achievements in PvE, we set ourselves the goal of finishing Asation HM and Denova Nightmare very quickly. Done, we were the first Republican Server Guild to complete these two operations.

Back to the guild name, back in the days of WoW we had no idea what the guild name was. Chance made that one of the founders, Diblok, opened his inventory and found an item named Arcanum in his inventory ... Everyone agreed and the guild was created.


What are your orientations, your activities in the game or on other games?
As I said in the guild history, we are now a PvE guild. Some of our members do PvP though. For those interested, we are looking for a capable and motivated officer to create a high-level PvP section.


How are you organized at the guild level? Are you recruiting members?
At the organizational level, it is simple: 1 guild master and 3/4 officers. However, each of our members, whether recruit or officer, has a say.

For the raids, we go out every day except Friday and Saturday. We do very little recruitment where we have to train players except in rare cases. We are mainly looking for players able to follow us whether it is on availability (3 evenings per week) and the player's abilities.


What is your opinion on the content of the game?
For us the content has suffered a loss of speed, the Nightmare content only serves to make us wait for a summer. Additionally we were disappointed with Bioware's focus on this year's content. You can feel it on the server where people are still playing but much less than before. The content is no longer so attractive to players, says Hardcore even though we know this community of players represents a minority of players.

Nonetheless, our players still enjoy playing both PvE and PvP and for us that's what matters most.


An anecdote about the guild and a little word to finish?
Kodie's joke: Do you know the wildebeest joke?

One of our main anecdotes was last year's IRL outing at Paris Games Week where those who attended left with fond memories.


The Games Managers team thanks you for the interview. We wish you good luck with your progress on the next Nightmare content.

If you too want to participate, talk about your guild or yourself, it's all here.

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