SWTOR - PCM - Guild Les Oris

Today, we are going to meet the Les Oris guild operating on the Mantle Of The Force server on the Empire side.


What is the history of your guild and why this name?
The guild was created about 2 years ago by me and some friends. The goal is to play together. Despite departures due to several reasons (IRL, IG), we have reopened the guild to make it a nice guild open to all. The guild's name comes from the StarGate TV series. The Ori are wicked beings, gaining power for each person converted to their cult. We found this principle quite sticky to the SW empire.

To finish the question, here are some passages from the book of Origins (the holy book of Oris).

Book of Origins

Glorious be the Ori, who guide us towards Salvation, who fight evil wanting to condemn us to mortal sins. Have they not conquered and banished the old spirits? Now, by the strength of our faith, they appeal to us against the vice of the infidels

As he was dying in the sun, the desert sands around him, Heratis spoke to the rock. Not with his lips, but with his mind, and the rock wept tears of cool water and its thirst was quenched.

Praised be the children of the Ori

Those who reject the path to enlightenment must be destroyed


What are your orientations, your activities in the game or on other games?
The guild is only based on Star Wars although some of course play other games. We're all about PvE content though every now and then we like to take a tour of PvP.


How are you organized at the guild level? Are you recruiting members?
Regarding the organization of the guild, it is classic namely 1 GM and 2 officers. For the grades, we have opted for Role-Play grades that stick with the Ori, we have grades such as:

  • The Preachers, our HL players
  • The Doci, our officers
  • The Oryx, the GM

We try to get out in guild as much as possible. This is why we are recruiting to finish our 8 HM roster. You can reach us by going to our forum. We are also part of a guild alliance (5 guilds in all) which allows us to complete our groups if necessary.


What is your opinion on the content of the game?
The game is very good now and the Free To Play system has been able to bring in a lot of players. We are also waiting for player apartments which will bring a more RP dimension to the game.


An anecdote about the guild and a little word to finish?
Two anecdotes. The bad news is that we lost our HM roster after 2 weeks because some members left on League Of Legends. The good one, however, is our victory against the first 3 bosses of the fortress in HM on the first try.


Thanks to the Les Oris guild for this interview. We wish them good luck for the future.

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