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Continuing in the guild presentation section, here is the presentation of the SithClan guild operating on the Battle Medidation server. This is presented by Speran-Tenske, the Guildmaster.

What is the history of your guild and why this name?
We created the guild when SWTOR launched. Some of us have been following the game from the start and participating in the beta. In the beginning, we were mainly made up of our website members but for some time now we have recruited some glorious members through our various explorations of the content of the game.

For the name, it comes from the website which is a fan-site on Star Wars where some members are from. So there is little originality in our name and we liked it so we kept it. Note that we have created a guild on the Republic side with a totally different name: JediClan!


What are your orientations, your activities in the game or on other games?
We all play other games but we haven't recreated the guild on those other games. The guild is only linked to SWTOR.

We mainly evolve in PvE, the other doors are not totally closed to other types of content like PvP or Galactic StarFighter where we play it a few times. On the progress of the PvE content, we have completed all operations in normal mode and are moving at our pace on the HM content.


How are you organized at the guild level? Are you recruiting members?
An organization why do it? I am the master and they owe me total and blind obedience. More seriously, we are basically a bunch of IRL friends and Star Wars fans. This is what counts above all in our guild.

When it comes to recruiting, we are looking for players with a bit of the same spirit as ours, we try above all to have fun and not to take the lead. The guild's average age is between 30 and 35 years old. For the size of the guild, there are about ten of us.


What is your opinion on the content of the game?
We can see that the game is constantly improving even if the game still has flaws (but who doesn't?). The content, whether it be the leveling up, the class histories, the Litigation Zones and the operations are very nice, whether it is on the game mechanics but also on the level of the scenario framework.

We had a low period in the game when it went Free-To-Play, but we noticed the opposite trend a while ago and it is very pleasant to see.

The only big remark is that the developers should stop offering content for the cartel market a bit as well as listening to the mourners on the official forums.


Thank you Speran-Tenske for introducing your guild. Good luck to you on the High Level content of the game and don't bully your members too much!

If you too want to participate, talk about your guild or yourself, it's all here.

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