SWTOR - Personalities on Makeb

A recent article on the SW Developer Blog: ToR put forward a secret service report.

We discover 4 people stuck on the planet Makeb:

The human Shalim Avesta, Director of the Avesta Mining Company and of the Makeb Business Council. Very influential among the local population, with ancestors among the original settlers of the planet. He is rich and an expert in negotiations. He has often tried to reduce the involvement of investors from other planets in Makeb's economy, especially members of the Hut Cartel, but without success.

The Zabrak Solida Hesk, mining manager and investor in numerous tourism and resort businesses on Makeb. It facilitates the investments and the activities of the Cartel on the planet. Recent equipment acquisitions suggest it is focusing more on mineral analysis and materials research and development activities, all in partnership with the Hutts.

And the two Hutts Szajin et Toborro.

One is "Convenience Store" for the Cartel des Hutts. His interventions in Cartel operations on Ylesia, Quesh and Kintan demonstrate a total commitment to the development of the Cartel at the cost of personal sacrifice. He took the title of Archon in reference to the defenders of the old Hutt Empire, which again suggests his personal involvement in the glorification and advancement of his species on the intergalactic scene.

The other is no less than the supreme leader of the Hut Cartel. Ultimate decision-maker of all Cartel activity on Makeb. Like Szajin, he is extremely motivated to expand the influence of the Hutts across the galaxy, even though his interest in self-glorification is far more pronounced than that of the Archon. Potential psychological tendencies to megalomania and paranoia to be taken into account in all our operations, given its impressive resources.


Find the full document on the official Star Wars: The old Republic website.

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