SWTOR - Producer Livestream 04/05

Yesterday took place the now traditional Producer livestream, to give a little update on the game.

Here is the replay:


And for non-English speakers, here is a little summary in spanish.


June Subscriber Rewards

  • Eternal Empire Patrol Vehicle
  • Early Access Chapter 14: Mandalore the Avenger


May the 4th

  • Players logged in on May 4 were entitled to a small Zakelien M4-I6 astromech droid
  • Multiple double XP events (Normal XP + Legacy, plus Warzone and Galactic Starfighter Awards)
    • from 3 to 10 may
    • from 26 to 30 may
  • Eternal Championship Speedrun Contest: To enter, go to the official page and click Enter Now. To be won: a trip to the Star Wars Celebration in London in July.
  • So Far Story Contest: Just complete Chapter 13 in May. 5 winners are chosen every 5 days (i.e. May 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30), awarded with a set of Zakuul armor and a vehicle.


Chapter 14

Attention spoilers

  • We will team up with Shae Vizla, Torian and Mandalorian clans to storm a fortress
  • We can find out how the Eternal Fleet works there.
  • Beautiful music in this chapter.
  • Broonmark can be recruited there, in search of revenge.


See you next month for a new livestream.

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