SWTOR - PVF - Ardkes Smuggler's Estate

For this new issue of Share Your Fortresses, we finally have the opportunity to explore a fortress on the pvp server Darth Nihilus! The fortress of today? The troglodyte dwellings of the smuggler Ardkes, real dream installations for the scum of Tatooine. Black market, jawa market, ships, speeder racing, droid battles, even thinking beings and of course cantina ... everything is there! The fortress is destined to become a regular meeting place for players on the spanish PvP server, with various events to come! All under the watchful eye of punters and other players. Apart from the duels, the place is also intended as a space for role-playing (or PR) so let's go for a little visit ... in PR!


Smuggler Zabrak finally woke up after a day in an induced coma. She looked around, she was in the infirmary. The "Hall of Shame" as the fighters of the arena present in the area called it. The "lucky room" according to her, the chance of a new life, under a new face ... rather successful according to what she saw in the mirror. The surgeon droid had done a nice job on her face and she was already on her feet, she could come and go in the fortress, although it was best for her not to leave the grounds for a few more days.


After a last look at the face in the mirror, hers now, she decided to take some fresh air and therefore took the elevator leading upstairs. She knew she would have access to a good glass of Corellian whiskey up there!


Once out of the elevator, she was first in the games room, equipped with sabacc or dejarik tables, for all tastes. She couldn't help but wince in disgust when she saw the golden hutt statue in the corner. The famous "Uncle John", Ardkes' uncle, the owner of the estate. She was not an expert in biology and physiology, but she would have sworn that a human could not be related to a hutt! Of course, she knew it was a picture, but he didn't stop, she would have liked to know the reason for this "legend".


She finally stepped outside and gratefully breathed in the cool twilight air, her face flushed with the soft light that the double sunset gave off.


She grabbed a Corellian whiskey ordered from one of the Twi'lek dancers, then settled down to contemplate the view.

The domain was large and very pleasant to look at with this sky.


From here she could see the private docks. She had seen a cargo ship landing there a few days earlier, she didn't know if it was still there. Anyway, she was at least sure that the second outside landing point, reserved for VIPs, was occupied.


Once her glass was finished, the zabrak set out to find the owner, she would have liked to touch him two words concerning the rest. She naturally began her research with the adjacent room that was her personal bedroom, there was a good chance he was there. Perhaps contemplating her uncle's portrait, she smiled inwardly.


She then tried the other upstairs room, the workshop and the armory, but also failed.


Hearing a clamor, she decided to go back down and go see near the arena, what was happening.

But the time to go down, it was the intermission, so she went to the second smaller cantina where many had a drink between two droid fights.


She then tried the speeders' area, in case he was sorting out the preparations for a race.

Running out of ideas, she resigned herself to approaching droid HK in the inner courtyard. He was guarding a room full of things Ardkes had "fallen from the speeder", including an Imperial banner to thumb his nose at the Imperials. After permission from the droid, she entered.


And finally, she found him. She could have her little talk ...


What I took away from this visit: First of all the arrangement of the sofas on the balcony, I really liked the way they were arranged. Then the arena of course, with the various seats installed all around for the spectators attending the fight. You can find everything from thrones to stools through tonelles depending on the fortune of the spectators! And finally ... Uncle John?

You will be able to find this fortress on public listing if you wish to discover it more by yourself, in the meantime, I wish you all a good weekend.


Do you also want to share your fortress (s)? Do not hesitate any longer, contact us!

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