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Hello and welcome to this new Share Your Fortresses, live from Battle Meditation, where we will meet a member you know well: Chaotin, our favorite encyclopedist! He invites us to find a character that can be found in his fan-fiction: Dark Finris and his famous hunt. We will dive into the heart of the smugglers 'moon to discover Dark Finris' operations center, in a text written by Chaotin himself. Enjoy your visit !


The speeder stabilized at the entrance to Nar Shaddaa's Floating Palace. Others were parked in the square, and among them ... The visitor jumped in front of the monster.

A reaction that drew a drooling smile from him. It is impossible to describe him as a valet, rather as the first representative of security. Others were present closer to the entrance, a wookie and Mandalorians (The majority of partners are in Mandalorian armor when they do not appear in holograms). And turrets, all ready to activate.

But hey, the visitor was expected. He didn't have to fear these roaming threats, even though ... Inside, mercenaries, Mandalorians, and hackers roamed between different computers. A sofa sat in the middle, but it was no illusion. The staff present were there to work and circulate information. They paid no attention to the visitor, who had to find out for himself which door was the correct one.

The cargo hold was a dead end, as were the barracks and the generator. There was one bedroom, decorated with datacrons. That of the Sith? No, she was way too small. Difficult to imagine it there. More certainly that of his apprentice.

The last two doors led to a final room, empty except for one HK-51 droid. Other computers were present, but the throne and the chairs facing it left no doubt as to its function: here was the Sith's meeting and strategy room.

But he wasn't there. The visitor therefore continued his exploration and descended a staircase. The Fortress then began to lose its functionality and began to look a bit more like a palace to live in.

A last security post and here is the living room: hall, living room, dining room and even a throne to receive visitors. Behind the plants, two massassis were waiting. The Sith therefore had many relations with the revanites of Yavin IV. But he still wasn't there.

Behind the last door then? In his room, his office or his meditation room? An almost empty room, compared to the previous one.

A noise behind his back made the visitor turn. There he was, wrapped in his black cloak. The Sith was there. Dark Finris watched him in the heart of his Fortress.


What I took away from this visit : The non-use of the entire fortress! Indeed, we often tend to want to use all the available space, sometimes inappropriately. Chaotin resisted this trend and condemned unnecessary doors by means of judicious consoles. The partners too, all in Mandalorian armor, even if it can't be seen here, on the screenshots (a reason to go visit with the owner present!). We suddenly find the base of operation side, as well as the separation in the atmosphere of the parts reserved for Dark Finris, however using mostly "basic" decorations and almost nothing from the Cartel market! Special mention for the large bench in a circle around the holoprojector reflecting a map of the galaxy, as well as the Korriban painting above the bed.

If this visit has made your mouth water, you can contact Chaotin on our forum to request a visit to the Fortress of Finris.


You too want to share a fortress or a ship, whether it belongs to you or your guild, do not hesitate to contact us!

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