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In Share Your Fortresses today, head to Mantle of the Force to visit two new fortresses of the player Falathïl, who had already shown us around his holiday home on Tatooïne. Today we will be visiting Coruscant and Yavin (with a special guest)!



Welcome young Padawan to this Jedi temple. Please, please sit down, yes there on the floor directly on the carpet, I will show you around but in a somewhat special way. We will meditate and let our mind drift into the temple. I'm coming to sit next to you!

Well padawan, close your eyes and relax, you are here to achieve harmony. Take a deep breath and bind your mind to mine, let it overflow your body and expand around you. Do you already feel the limits of the hallway forming in your mind? Do you feel in the next room the hum of these utility machines?

Keep expanding your mind, feel the infirmary in front of us.

If you tighten your mind a little more, you will be able to feel the communication and data analysis room at the end of the corridor.

Your mind isn't straining in just one direction ... you should have already started to feel the coins above us. Yes, there are other Padawans meditating, feel the peace that dwells in them. The aura you can sense very close to them are the crystals in the Lightsaber Forge. And the space between these two rooms is the master bedroom.

In front of these three rooms you have the master's audience room.

And in front of it again, yes, it is the council room, where you are going to go later to present yourself, and to be assigned to a master.

What are the funny presence that you smell on the stairs? They are datacrons, they contain ancient knowledge to which they only allow access to those they deem worthy.

I will let you explore the temple a little more with your mind, but be careful not to go further than the balcony, your mind might get lost among the thousands of people who circulate.



Yaaaaaaaaww * Yawns and stretches * Ah frankly I swear! It is not possible to pawn quietly, there must always be an asshole who comes to build an altar in your cave and who wakes you up. Yes I know I'm talking to myself, I'm crazy I'm a spirit nobody hears me! Take a look at this work ... 

AH! * startle * Fire ! But who is it who set fire to MY cave! * aspen * luckily I have my waterfall next to it! Good go! * cracks his neck * Let's go see what they've done with my temple this time around! Teleport to the main temple!

Um ... it was bigger in my memory ... I must be a little rusty to have landed in the secondary temple ... Erf ... This empire ... I would have preferred something else at home than that! Let's go quickly, we're going to retry the great temple.

... * sigh * Ok I withdraw what I said, I still preferred this Empire to the Republic! Good go this time the temple is the right one!

Still missed! I will have it one day, I will have it! Well, at least that reassures me, they built an arena to confront each other ... they did not make my temple a place of political negotiation! And more fire! No, but nobody told them that it was forbidden in my house? ... I hope at least they brought marshmallows ... 800 years of sleep is digging! Direction the big temple ... on foot this time, I don't want to land yet, I don't know where.

My ... my collection of self-portrait hutt grease statues ... they ... * to a tear in the eye * they replaced it with a garden! It's the straw that breaks the camel's back! They are going to see what wood I heat myself with!

Grmlbl ... yeah okay, it's true that they did quite a bit with the bridge! And with the roof too.

Fire, fire, fire and more fire! No respect for the dead! Let's go see the basement.

And bah here is what I said! We bother to make balconies to push the condemned into the void ... and they arrange them as balconies to enjoy the view ... nice of course, that was also the idea by pushing people into the void. empty, being able to enjoy the view at the same time, but it's not to rest here! It's to work! Damn! I imagine they did the same to the other?

Yeah ... at least they put some useful stuff in the next room! I will finish the exterior before the temple, I'm afraid.

And go through the waterfall torture room to see ...

It's me they want to torture with this fire! I don't care, now that I'm a Sith spirit, I can't catch fire anymore! ... Finally, I hope ! Well let's see the damage in the main room ...

But ... it's not bad actually! I like ! I don't know who this guy in the center is but he has style! Him all alone in the middle, so that we can see him, with benches around to be able to stop and admire him ... I like his style! Well, with that, I'll take a nap again!


What I took away from this visit : Okay so immediately I have nothing against fire on Yavin, on the contrary I like all these fires, it is the character of the sith who has a little problem with the fire (Can you guess how he caught fire? exactly?). Part of my appreciation is still reflected in the text, I appreciated the room of the main temple or the bridge (very difficult to arrange I find). The latter remains free for traffic while being decorated. The pergola hidden behind the trees is also one of my favorites on Yavin. To go back to Coruscant a bit, it is rare to see a boardroom where the seats do not form a complete circle, but here it is successful, especially with these walls adorned with bookcases. And of course, you know if you've been reading PVF for a while, I like green balconies?


Did you enjoy this tour and would like to see more with your own eyes? You will find these fortresses in the public list of Mantle of the Force with Falathaar and Falathïl as owners.


rjprojectsonline (at the address) Gmail (dot) com and we arrange for that!

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