SWTOR - The Hermit: Tips for Beginners

The Hermit is a new series of articles which aims to explain in a simple way different elements concerning the way of playing of HL players (for high level in English). We will discuss different points of view: solitaire strategies, group techniques, discussions on equipment, the usefulness of certain powers as well as some class guides to start the game well. I choose to start this series of 'article because I have too often seen players who do not know the basic game techniques being insulted at all costs, but has anyone ever taken the time to explain, advise them, tell them what's wrong with their way of doing things?


General advice

It is very important to warn other players if you do not know the strategies. The classic "Ha good? But I didn't know?" is not. You do not know what to do ? Are you up against a boss? a ZL? an operation ? If this is your first time going or you have doubts about what to do, you absolutely have to say it. This will give you a little more recognition from other players who will generally rather explain things to you than die stupidly because you didn't understand.

Consider your class and equipment. Don't know how to play your class? Many guides appear as the changes made by the developers. Take the time to read them. Find out even a little bit about the order in which you should cast your spells, it will appear less ridiculous in the eyes of experienced players.

If you have access to Operation or Warzone rewards, think about or ask around what set bonuses are right for your class. For example, there is no point in taking a "Force Mystic" (Healing Sorcerer) set bonus that affects spells you don't have if you are playing a Lightning Sorcerer or Madness or worse an Assassin. You can also refer to the table below to find out which set bonus is right for you.

  • Republic
  • Empire


The roles

The roles of the players in a group are divided into three roles:

  • Le Tank, the one who takes the damage instead of others
  • le Healer (Heal), the one who keeps the other players alive
  • the attacker or DPS, the one that inflicts damage on enemies. Each of these roles has a well-defined task in a group. We will therefore detail for each what they must do.
  • Tank
  • Healer
  • Attacker

The main objective of the Tank is to maintain the target of a boss on itself and to absorb as much damage as possible. Three classes per faction can play this role.

  • Specialist / Avant-Garde
  • Assassin / Shadow
  • Ravager / Guardian

To do this, they have a hidden value (because it is not displayed in-game) called “threat” or “aggro.” A boss usually targets the person with the highest threat. of all party members. The threat increases according to your damage and your spells generating it. To identify them, just read their descriptions, whether for spells coming from disciplines or powers of specializations.

In addition to these threat-generating spells, you also have two spells called "Taunt" (taunt). Both of these spells are meant to make the boss target you even if you don't have the highest threat. Taunts are divided into two categories.

  • Single Target Taunt: only applies to one target (for example: "Neural Dart" from the Specialist)
  • Multi-target Taunt: applies to several targets within an action range around the player or his target. (eg: Assassin's "Mass Mind Control")

To absorb or reduce damage, Tanks have specific equipment. Their secondary weapon must absolutely be a shield generator. In addition, they have several damage reducing spells. These spells are called CD. They are to be used during phases where the healers cannot keep you alive on their own, but never all at the same time.

The main objective of the Healer is to heal other players, and more particularly the Tanks. It is he who keeps you alive during a raid. For this role, three classes are available in each faction:

  • Wizard / Scholar
  • Mercenary / Commando
  • Secret Agent / Thief

Each class has its advantages and disadvantages. The objective is not to compare these classes, we will be satisfied with the mechanisms common to these:

  • AoE Heal (area of ​​healing): It is a power that places an area healing a certain number of players among those who are in the area of ​​effect.
  • Dispell: Each class has a dispell power. This spell removes effects over time (DoT) and control from target player. The effects removed vary depending on the chosen class (does not work in PvP for DoTs).
  • Purge: The purge is a particular element of Sorcerers / Scholars and Agents / Thugs. It is a spell that has the same effect as the dispell but removes all negative effects. It has a longer cooldown and can only be used on self.
  • Exit AoEs: move to avoid taking unnecessary damage when exiting areas of adverse damage effects (usually red in color).
  • Desaggro: power allowing to reduce or eliminate its threat.
  • Stop Heal: stop healing a player so as not to kill him (rare).

All classes in the game can choose the role of DPS. They aim to kill their opponent, although other classes can also do it but less effectively. We separate these classes into two categories:

  • Melee: classes having a very short range and fighting their opponent while being very close to the latter (generally 4 or 10 meters).
  • Ranged: class that can attack their opponent from further away (maximum range of 35 meters for some of them).

Certain game mechanics are good to be mentioned here, although they are not to be applied in all cases, or can be applied by other roles.

  • Kitting: run to avoid taking damage from a boss who targets us.
  • Cut or Interrupt: prevent a spell from finishing its cast to avoid damage or guaranteed death.
  • Stop DPS: stop typing to avoid a return of damage to yourself or another member of the group.
  • Exit AoEs: move to avoid taking unnecessary damage when exiting areas of adverse damage effects (usually red in color).
  • Desaggro: power allowing to reduce or eliminate its threat.


And let's not forget, these mechanisms are not exhaustive and may be valid for other roles! 

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