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Special issue today for the Partages de Fortresses! We depart for once from the order of reception for a PVF on the fortress of Yavin IV, it is not every week that a new fortress is added! But fear not, next week we return to normal order!

And for this issue we are pushing the engines towards Battle Meditation, Zephyr receives us in the Jedi academy of his character Flammae. Small precision, this fortress is available for role play for all those who would like it! A little message to Flammae in-game or here on Gamesmanagers and he can give you a key to access it without going through the public list!


Following his recent victories, the Jedi Master Flammae was granted by the Republic the ruins of an ancient temple complex of Yavin IV.

He also secured elite troops from the Chancellor to conduct swift operations across the Galaxy with an elite squad under his command.

Finally, the Jedi Council allowed him to open in this same place an annex of the Jedi temple, an academy which would aim to train the Padawans to the resistance to the dark side and to the command of soldiers on the ground.


Note Excluding RP : this fortress, if you like, is freely available for your PR events (role play). The explanatory RP below is just a version that you can ignore. In addition, several interactive objects or mini-scenes have been placed throughout the fortress to facilitate RP events (wood fire, tauntaun attacked, battle arena, empire droid trying to get into the temple, etc.) .


The exterior entrance

The exterior is sober so as not to attract wild beasts and not to draw attention to itself. A Jedi master guards the entrance to the temple and two defense turrets are visible and are directed from the security PC that we will see later. Note the Force barrier defense system concentrated in the sphere at the top of the temple.

The Republic transport shuttles are also ready to take off for a mission.


First temple

The squad and military operations headquarters. In the main hall, troops are ready to be led into battle by Jedi masters.

In an annex room, we have supplies and storage in order to rearm between each mission.

In a room adjacent to the main room, the security PC is installed, with control of the internal structure of the first temple and orbital surveillance. The Jedi academy is not placed under army security, such was the will of the founding Master of this academy.

In the basement, an infirmary is installed for returning from missions. Sadly, many of the Elite Corps return with wounds, but the Medic Droids do wonders.

Upstairs and visible from the first large room, the trophies won by the squad. In order to galvanize the troops, nothing like reminding them of their feats of arms.

So much for the main HQ, the exit leads to the bridge of the Jedi Academy and the roofs of the building.

On the roof there is an advanced surveillance system targeting the flora and fauna of Yavin IV, a cannon ready to fire towards the entrance if the need arises. A Jedi master protects the Force Barrier Generator.


The Jedi Academy

Following the HQ, a bridge brings us to the Jedi Academy. Jedi training in this temple takes place in four units: knowledge training, meditation training, combat training and finally the final test: forging your lightsaber.

At the end of this bridge, we come to a small temple courtyard. A statue of Satele reminds us of our allegiance to the Jedi Order of Tython.

To the left of this courtyard we have the Jedi Archives Room. It is a very important place in the teaching of Yavin IV.

At the top of this building, a pergola provides the collection necessary to understand what is contained in the knowledge collected across the Galaxy.

On the other side of the tower, we find the council room, where the padawans validate the stages of their theoretical training. Upstairs are the dormitories.

Speaking of training, meditation and appeasement are the keystones of training on Yavin IV, in order to fight against the dark forces that eat away at the temples. Here is the outdoor meditation training room where the Padawans spend several hours a day.

The surrounding gardens are also a place of meditation.

The third part of the teaching is weapons training. An arena was therefore built to meet this task.

Once all these tests have been validated by the council, the padawan is authorized to enter the cave in order to begin a journey which will require him to call on all the knowledge he has acquired: combat, meditation and knowledge.

The fight first of all, against wild animals if they come to attack you.

Meditation in order to resist the dark forces and to obtain the strength to continue the journey of the cave.

Knowledge, in order to forge the noble weapon of the Jedi: the lightsaber, and whose forge is located at the exit of the cave.

Here then is the Jedi training of Yavin IV completed, the newly trained Jedi then has a choice to make: stay, become a teacher and squad commander at the temple under the orders of the Master or leave to join the temple of Tython.


Maybe one day another Jedi Master will have the idea to come and found a Jedi academy in the ruins of a temple of Yavin IV, who knows?



What I took away from this visit: You can see the full potential of the Yavin Fortress thanks to several of the rooms here, the Security PC for example, where the space could be exploited in an optimal way, not to mention the rooftops! Which by the way has a little greenery on it thanks to the new decoration, increasing the likelihood of the old abandoned temple, compared to the base fortress, I really like the consoles on the roof, which are watchtowers. Considering the size of the fortress, we could still talk about many points, such as the meditation capsules in the cave, which gives it a special aura, but I would only add my favorite in this fortress: the very impressive library, which also enjoys an ideal positioning on these Yavin hooks!


If you too would like to share your stronghold (s) with us, whether personal or guild, do not hesitate to contact us.

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