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Rare enough to be noted in the Share Your Fortresses, we are leaving today for the Darth Nihilus server! It is Evalyne who will show us around her fortress in Coruscant. Enjoy your visit !


Evalyne, Jedi Consular working for peace in the Galaxy. I embraced the Force as a whole by sinking into the dark side, today I found the light but I do not deny what I am. My opinion is now different, I am neither bright nor dark, I would do whatever is necessary to keep the peace in the Republic. Let's start the visit and find out more about me!

Let's start with the waiting room, where you will be greeted by my lovely hostess. This is where the most eminent diplomats in the Galaxy are hosted.

The council room where meetings are held: whether diplomatic with the various representatives of the Galaxy, or military with my close Jedi, soldiers or even smugglers. 

My office, for restricted and secret advice in order to carry out operations necessary for the survival of the Republic.

Here is the hangar, it is here that Tharan, Qyzen, Iresso, and Zenith await, accompanied by their respective elite units to go on a mission to the four corners of the galaxy.

Now let's go upstairs, a place for relaxation and meditation.

Here is my living room, a pleasant place with its fountain in the center where I take the time to relax in the company of my loved ones. We also see on both sides the banners and the statue in honor of Revan: my revanite side. Although I do not endorse his recent actions, he remains a being sensitive to both sides of the Force and so powerful that he deserves my admiration even though I have overcome him.

The terrace where I take in the air of Coruscant under this radiant sun.

Here is the art room where we find the most beautiful works showing the different planets that I have visited during my many adventures.

My room, a place of rest with its furniture to use all of my wardrobe. 

The state-of-the-art infirmary run by some of the Galaxy's greatest doctors. 

Let's finish with my meditation room, the place where I try to become one with the Force. This room is surrounded by all the datacrons whether they are light or dark as well as my Jedi forge where I create new lightsabers.

The visit is over, do not hesitate to come: I will give you the best possible welcome.

May the force be with you !!!



What I took away from this visit: I love this council room under the glass roof, surrounded by these statues and with this round carpet in the center! There is also a certain luxury and a pleasant continuity throughout the fortress. I also enjoyed the desk and its arrangement. But my crush goes to the living room with this all red atmosphere, the banners, the crystals ... this room really has a little something special!


This fortress is not available on the public list, but you can contact its owner on Darth Nihilus if you wish to visit it!

  • Republic side : Evalyne / Sybeis / Kletro / Zertok
  • Empire side : Evalyse / Saknak


rjprojectsonline (at the address) Gmail (dot) com and we're getting organized for that!

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