WoW - 6.1: pets

Who I am
Valery Aloyants

I have always wanted to be a breeder of Angora albino guinea pigs. Unfortunately, the allergy to their hair got the better of my determination. To console myself, I collect mascots in WoW.

And this very latest patch 6.1 brought with it a couple of additions to them. A brief overview of these changes.



New pets have been added to Raid Bosses loot:

  • Black temple
  • Hyjal Summit
  • Sunwell Plateau
  • The deep on the last
  • Fragment of Suffering, on Reliquary of the Lost
  • Fragment of Wrath, on Reliquary of the Lost
  • Fragment of Desire, on Reliquary of the Lost
  • Sister of Temptation, on Mother Shahraz
  • Young Leviathan, on High Warlord Naj'entus
  • Grotesque, on Azgalor
  • Hyjal's wisp, on Archimonde
  • Puspourri, sur Anetheron
  • Puppy of Chaos, on M'uru
  • Bladesoleil Microdefender, on Brutallus
  • Deprived Servant, on Eredar Binoculars

Collecting them all will guarantee you the Mascot Raid Achievement III: Draw from the Sunwell



New Trainers can appear in your Level 3 Garrison daily and offer you a quest, Beasts of Draenor, asking you to defeat him in a Pet Duel. Upon winning, you will be rewarded with a Bag of Traveler Pet Supplies, as well as Training Battle Stones, which increase the level of one of your pets by one point. The Bag can contain one of the new 6.1 pets:

  • Bone snake
  • Young Talbuk
  • Elver thunderbolt



The difficulty of some trainer fights has been reduced. In return, the experience gained by pets has also been reduced.


Ultimate Training Battle Stone

A quest, Unearthed Magic, available at the Menagerie allows you to collect an Ultimate Training Battle Stone, allowing a pet to level up to level 24 at once.


Have you already collected some pets?

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