SWTOR - PVF: Fortress of Mac'bart # 4

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After Coruscant, Nar Shaddaa then Dromund Kaas, Mac'Bart comes back to us once again in Share Your Fortresses, always from the Mantle of the Force server. Today he presents us his Jedi Temple of Machomer located on Tatooine, and which you can find on the public list. Good visit !


Hidden far away in the Tatooinian desert, the young Orcrev'pen is uneasy in this tent where the heat leaves the surroundings undulating as if everything were a mirage.

The little boy gets up from the sofa and approaches one of the dozens of plants around him, a strange freshness emanating from each of them. The child's hand is raised as if to check if they are there, or if it is a very well made hologram.

As his hand comes in contact with the leaf, a soft, sweet voice is heard behind him:

- They are as true as you or me my boy, well in part ... said the man, shaking his cybernetic hand along a leg of the same construction, both on its right side.

He smiles broadly, sits down and indicates with a firm wave of his hand to Orcrev'pen to join him.

- I'm Machomer, it's my adopted son Macbart who found you on Corellia. Let me guess, was he still looking for his damn crystals?

Orcrev'pen nods in agreement.

- Macbart told me you were special like us and confided in me. We will take a tour of the temple and if you want to stay with us, you will be welcome. Otherwise, I would find you a more suitable place than the ruins of your home planet. Follow me my boy.

They leave the tent and intense heat hits Orcrev'pen who realizes how good it was under the stretched canvas.

Machomer pulls down his hood as if to protect his green skin from the sun.

- I feel that you realized it but that you are disturbed. Are you wondering how we do with the plants and the weather?

Finally the sound of his voice is heard when Orcrev'pen lets go of a timid:

- Yes.

- That's why you're here, you'll learn, don't worry about it.

Passing in the shade of a large stone statue, Machomer begins the presentation of the temple.

- I'm not showing you around the speeder station, you got there. I run this temple, my job is to find and help children like you who are ... let's say special. Here you can learn to master your gift and use it to help people. How are your gifts manifested, tell me Pen? Can I call you Pen?

Orcrev'pen shrugs his shoulders and stammers:

- Animals.

The frail sentry bursts out laughing.

- I'm old, we'll have to speak a little louder my boy or else I won't be able to hear the scent of the ice cream that you will have deserved at the end of the visit, he said, kneeling at Orcrev's height. pen and winking at him.

- The animals, repeats the little boy in a firm voice, those of the park, they are my friends, they protected me and I found something to eat.

- Well, what you do with animals, here you can also do with machines. We will teach you that.

- We call it the Force, Pen. Me at your age I could guess the cards of the pazaak players without seeing them. But it stays between us, whispers MachomerWe welcome anyone who wishes to stay, regardless of race or planet.

Arriving in front of a recess, Orcrev'pen jumps when a door suddenly opens.

- This will be your room, there are real beds, friends, and it does not smell of sleen pee, if you stay with us.

Finally a smile from Orcrev'pen lights his face.

Going down the stairs to the spaceport, Machomer heaves a slight sigh of relief and Pen realizes the freshness is back.

- It feels good, doesn't it? We can really thank them for that, launches the old Jedi, touching the plants at the bottom of the stairs with his still human hand..

- Come over here, I'm sure you'll like it, Machomer says, heading for the spaceport. Passing by, he nods a curious droid chatting with a pretty girlHere there are lots of different speeders, that you can learn to drive, and yes all, well no, not the big one in the middle, that's my Defender.

Upon entering the next building Pen asks:

- Why is she sleeping here? Speaking of a young padawan meditating in front of a datacron, the owner lets out a rather discreet laugh then responds by catching his breath..

- No Pen, she is perfecting her link with the Force, you will learn here too, we call it meditating.

- Well I prefer a bed! rthe little boy stunned as he got into the elevator grumpily..

Coming out of the elevator, Orcrev'pen narrows his eyes so as not to be dazzled by the reflections of the library's multiple holoprojections.

- Don't tell me you also have a school?

- School ? No, why Pen?

- On Corellia, we also had a library a bit like this one, we had to do homework before the war.

-Homeworks ! No, here you will learn things, but at your own pace and nothing but funny things, I promise you, the Jedi answers him, massaging his wrist at the base of his prosthesis..

Continuing on their way they arrive at the council chamber.

- Here we sit to make decisions, sometimes a little razor sharp but always important, with other great masters of the order and I am sure you will be able to sit there one day, little Pen. Come, approach the edge and admire the view: we can see the whole temple.

- Wouaaa too well ... Uh, why didn't we go over there to see where there is a hole in the ground sir?

- If you decide to stay, you will have to call me Master, but to answer your question: it's the best of the whole temple and I wanted to take you there at the end. Don't worry, you'll see it all.

- Here you have my quarters, finally my room if you prefer.

- And on the other side, a coin that will soon be used for diplomacy about Alderande. Finally, I hope.

- What is diplocracy? M'si ... er Master.

- It's when people like us try to get people to agree to people who don't get along with each other, and we say diploMatie Pen.

- It's good.

- Now what if we went to see this famous hole as you say?

- Ouep.

The two friends cross a corridor and the young Orcrev'pen asks:

- Who are they? speaking of the statues on display.

- He is Revan, a Jedi who has seen a lot of things and we will teach you who he is, when to her, it is Satele Shan, the leader of all the Jedi of the order. 

- Wouaaa she's nice?

- I'm sure you'll find out when you go to Tython at the end of your training here.

Arriving in the pit, the little boy's guide asks him:

- Do you know huttball?

- Yes, father often looked at the results on the holonet.

- Perfect ! Here we can teach you how to play it, it's fun and in addition it will allow you to develop your gifts. Today a very famous Republic squad came to train against mercenary friends who owed us a favor. Follow me, we'll meet them in the locker room.

"This is the mercenaries' one, but as you can see they're already on the ground," the old Jedi explained to Orcrev'pen.

He continues by heading to the second locker room.

- Shhh, don't bother them, here you see, the chaos squad is preparing its tactics.

Aric Jorgan, without interrupting his briefing, nods to greet the new arrivals.

When leaving Orcrev'pen asks:

- Can I watch the game please?

- We are not finished, my young friend, you have a decision to make and an ice cream to eat if my memory serves me well.

The child smiles.

- Follow me, it's happening next door.

They enter a small room on the side of the pit.

- It's with Master Kel'dor, he will help you settle in and complete the formalities, when you make your decision after tasting your ice cream of course. Go see C2-N2 and tell him the flavor you want, he will make you the best ice cream you will ever have.

The young boy runs out of the room.

Master Kel'dor addresses the master of the house:

- Are you sure it is very wise my friend?

- Do not worry, Nadia's vision was very clear, you said it yourself, and this little spy of the Fury will help us to counter the plans of his true Master without knowing it. With a little luck, we might be able to get him to come from the bright side, he's still young. Anyway, let's continue as planned.




What I took away from this visit : the first photo starts well this PVF with a garden more than sympathetic with this light under this arbor. The hallway with the statues on either side is nice too, but my preference is for the exterior parts, either the main courtyards, or the machinery area near the outer ship.


If you want to visit directly in-game, you can find this fortress on the Mantle of the Force public list as the Jedi Temple of Machomer.


Do you also want to share your fortress or that of your guild, or maybe your guild's ship? Do not hesitate to contact us !

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