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On this PVF day, we are heading to Mantle of the Force to visit Hampton Fortress on Dromund Kaas. Attention, visit under close surveillance! Enjoy your visit.


The return of the secret services to Dromund Kaas!

With the return of the Emperor following the events of Ziost, ex-Operator 9 decided to restore the imperial secret services. In the heart of the Empire, our agent has secured new premises in order to maintain his independence from the Sith of the Citadel.

Upon entering the building, you are greeted directly in a waiting room by our dear and unique droid: 2V-R8.

If you have access rights, you will be able to pass through the first gate closely guarded by an Imperial Guard. If not, you will have to be patient.

Immediately, on your right ...

... you will find the armory of the agents of the Empire. You can equip yourself there or simply take advantage of the lockers to deposit your personal items. This room is managed by a Convenience store, new recruit of our agent.

When leaving the armory, the infirmary is accessible on your right.

It is also in this room that SCORPIO stands guard in front of his stasis chamber in order to regenerate himself in energy.

Back in the hall, a room at the back is intriguing.

Guarded by automatic cannons, on the other side of the door is the operations room.

Raina Temple, now Operator, gives instructions to our agent's new recruits.

In the room, a few operators are already preparing the next mission!

In order not to disturb them, let's continue the visit to the 2nd floor of the secret services!

Outside, we can observe Kaliyo Djannis, in the distance next to his spaceship, ready to go on a reconnaissance mission.

Back inside, we find ourselves in a common room where the Imperial Assassin Droid HK-51 is preparing a confidential defense mission.

Ah! He signals us not to stay there and starts threatening us with his sniper rifle. Better not to linger in this room.

We hurry through a door and find ourselves in a new room opening onto 3 rooms.

In the room on the left, Vector Hellyus, formerly of the diplomatic service, prepares for the future of the Empire's new allies: the Killiks.

These creatures give me a little shuddering, let's move quickly.

In the room on the right, we come face to face with the Eckard Lorkin Depanneur, obviously in the middle of a torture session…. Welcome to the heart of the business of the imperial secret services !!!

BE CAREFUL not to be bitten by its miniature rakghouls !!!

In the middle room, we find our agent in his offices. We can't linger any longer, as Darth Marr just asked him to join him on a mission to the outer rims of the galaxy.

This is how our visit to the heart of the secret services ends.


What I took away from this visit: we start with the armory. In this one, the weapons are not very visible, but the shelves of shelves leave no room for doubt, pleasantly surprised at the effect! The operating room in the hangar is also one of my favorite rooms with this command post in the center. But my crush goes to the general impression of the fortress: a lot of red, we are in the Empire, a lot of technologies, it fits very well with the secret services, but above all, a lot of characters and small scenes with these, it brings the fortress to life and that's a big plus!


If you also want to share your fortress (s) with us (especially since there are now plenty of new decorations), whether personal or guild, do not hesitate to contact us.

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