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Today for this issue of Share Your Fortresses, I'm taking you to the player Falathïl, Fala for close friends, on Tatooïne, the fifth planet on the left when entering Mantle of the Force! So let's go, plug your holonet on the pubs, I'll take you for the guided tour with Baron Mark Demort!


Back to the match!

If you too are back from the HuttBall game and are tired of all the frenzy, come and relax in HuttBall Heaven!

The HuttBall Paradise is a comfortable holiday center on Tatooïne, equipped with all the necessary equipment for your pleasure!

When you arrive in our center you can first come and park outside, a speeder ride will take you to our doors ...

Or you can opt to take advantage of our private hangar equipped with many accessories for the maintenance, the safety of your vessel, and your travels.

The HuttBall Paradise is above all a superb hotel full of charm, fitted out for your comfort from the reception.

You can immediately admire the area from our terrace restaurant.

Before discovering your room, you will of course find a screen connected to HuttBall matches and offering you a complete package of sports channels from all over the Galaxy!


For those who love to work, don't worry, you can continue to manage your business from our computer rooms.

You're probably wondering what Baron Mark Demort is doing in a place that so far looks classic? Let me take you to the heart of this paradise! The field of HuttBall! Come and play a game with friends, or against followers of this sport from all over the Galaxy!

In the event of ailments, small or large, do not worry! Our teams are here to patch you up!

You can then pass through our lush gardens ...

In order to get to the hallway adorned with portraits of all the legends of the sport, both the great One-eyed Marglof and the infamous Boris the Unlucky who has held the HuttBall's stupidest death palm for decades! Knocking out with the ball ...

From there you will come to our corner with several cantinas, there is something for everyone!

Let's start with the left cantina ... What is behind these panels? Oh I see, a little privacy for these gentlemen to admire the sensuality of our dancers!

But these ladies are not left with a cantina which is especially reserved for them too!

And before leaving! Don't forget to stop by the shops that sell everything a HuttBall fan might need!

Le Paradis du HuttBall, an establishment sponsored by Girrada le Hutt himself! Do you like HuttBall? Then you will love to come here!


What I took away from this visit: Well, the HuttBall arena in the first place! I have been waiting since update 3.2 to have the opportunity to see one? Plus you've littered it with line-of-sight obstacles, which is perfect for the little game the HuttBall booth offers. I also appreciated the cutouts for the cantinas using the white panels, and the equality between men and women each having their own cantina? Finally more than one element in particular, I like the impression that the entire estate gives off when viewed from above, I don't know why in particular, but I really like the view thus decorated.


If you want to test the Huttball arena or visit the estate, you can find this fortress on a public list on Mantle of the Force: Falathïl Holiday House.


rjprojectsonline (at the address) Gmail (dot) com and we arrange for that!

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