SWTOR - PVF: MacBart Illusion Chamber # 3

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This week, Share Your Fortresses is heading back to Mantle of the Force to go to a regular! Today we are going to visit MacBart's Dromund Kaas fortress. He had already presented us with a first fortress, then a second. I leave you in his company for the visit!


After many fights on a planet half devastated by the Emperor, MacBart and his team are resting at the barsen'thor home on Nar Shaddaa. Tharan keeps entertaining himself with Holiday in the hangar, while Felix discusses military strategy with a brother in arms, not far away the psychopath / pile of bolts HK keeps guard near his master 's room. Qyzen deals with the day-to-day business of the group, seeking as many points as possible to collect on any missions brought to the attention of his old partner in Tython. As for Zenith in the gaming room, he ... he vociferates on a slot machine, under the intrigued eye of an ewok responding to the sweet name of Treek.

All of them spend their "rest" time in their own way, but one listens attentively to the voice of her master bouncing off the rounded walls of the meditation room on the first floor.

On her knees, her eyes closed, Nadia does not realize that the noises from the workshop, though right next door, have disappeared. Only the sound of the footsteps of the master Kel Dor, invited with his padawan by the barsen'thor, make her realize that she is still on the cold ground of the fortress.

But the more she concentrates on the voice of her master Scholar, the louder the sound of the fountain, a few meters from her, and the clatter of the water intensifies at the same time as a strange sensation of serenity. Master Kel Dor interrupts his impatient walk and gazes at his counterpart dressed in white tinged with yellow reflections coming from the aura emanating from Nadia. He leans over his padawan and says:

 "Look there, watch and learn."

By the time the young girl turns around, the fabric on Macbart looks more yellow than white, Nadia is radiating light.

The latter breaks her lethargy with a nod and while keeping her eyes closed, addresses her mentor.

"Master, I ... the rain ... the dark side: I feel it, it is near."

While crouching beside her, in a soft voice, the landlord reassures her and asks her to accurately describe what she sees.

"A very large stone sword ... the rain keeps pounding the ground, the sky is dark, it smells ... What a horror! It looks like fuel and ... rotting meat. Corellia, the field battle, it smells like there. "

"Speeders, guards. One of them, I can feel his dark side, he's strong in him… Ho, what is that!"

The glow around her weakens, her buttocks come off her heels as if to stand up then a sure and firm hand rests on her shoulder, a few words ringing in her ear. Nadia relaxes and the room regains a yellow halo.

"He is not human ... Master, there is something else. It looks like windows, a door."

"Hey, they like red, it's everywhere ... some ... yes, they're crystals."

"The Sith, no more doubts," announces Master Kel Dor aloud.

"A room ... yes the windows are there, it looks like an operating room ... The holocrons, the same as on Oricon, master, but I still don't feel the rage that goes with it."

The young woman with the painted face continued her description of the place by describing a poorly furnished room and 3 adjoining rooms.

The first rather spartan, with eggs and banners from Alderaan.

The second equipped with medical equipment and robotics.

And finally a guarded room, for bounty hunter with Hutt effigies probably used for trading.

In the midst of these descriptions, the young woman seems disturbed. Under the direction of her master, she focuses on the discomfort turning out to be music.

Directing her vision to the floor below, she resumes her description.

"I arrive in a corridor ... and go red again, the noises are here at the back, I'm moving forward ..."

"... it's just a cantina ... Slaves are dancing. Master, I smell ... it's acrid ... sweat and alcohol."

"I have a very unpleasant feeling ... The cold, master, fear and the dark side are oppressive ... I will see."

"There is a welcome but behind, the cold is here ..."

"By all of Tython's datacrons! There's snow, master, inside! Ice too, and a multitude of Gree tech artifacts ... Looks like he's studying it ... In holding the piece low as we saw on Illum. "

"The dark side, I can feel it further ... yes, the other room ... he is there, master, it is him in front of me, but he does not see me. A pure blood sith, he me turns his back, but the fear does not come from him ... his throne at the bottom, they are the ones who are afraid, the massassis. They are afraid of him, if only I could see his face ... "

The more impatient the Jedi, the weaker the glow. Her face twists, you can read the intense concentration, then her eyes open wide as the glow disappears and she stares at her master ...

The Fury, master, it's him: the Emperor's Fury.


What I took away from this fortress: I really like the bedroom, placed in a central position and under the taut fabrics, an original and pleasant position. The "gree" room is also interesting, the combination of the Day of Life decorations with the gree ones is quite effective, and we find the Ilum side. But above all, I envy this throne room with these alignments of broken Sith artifacts!


If you liked this fortress, do not hesitate to go for a walk yourself, waiter Mantle of the Force, public list under the name of: Macbarnay's House of Illusion!


Would you like to introduce us to your fortress or that of your guild? Do not hesitate any longer, contact us!

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