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This is how all the legends in Jawaese begin, "A long time ago", I am going today in this issue of Share Your Fortresses to transcribe for you the one narrated by a father to his son, about the Tatooinian fortress of a commando: Naat, on the Battle Meditation server. So take a seat around the campfire, switch on your Jawaese / Basic translator, relax and listen ...


You know my son ... I was not always the pilot of the clan sand chariot ... Kebee'oto, I was young and vigorous like you, I was a salesman too. There was a place, far east of the Dune Sea where we often went, a counter had been set up for us. It was a magnificent fortress, a small oasis in the heart of the mountains. Yes a fortress, that of soldiers of the Republic. Immediately you saw it ... Oh of course not if you were near our sandcrawler or our counter it was not visible.


But as soon as you moved away a little around the perimeter of the house, you immediately saw a guard post and a huge turret of defense! Utini! We could have made lots of spare parts to sell something like that!

Why am I telling you all this eh? We often heard the soldiers of the fort talking about a "special room" and one guy in particular said that there was his treasure in it ... We never knew what this treasure was, and we talked about it often! Was it a pile of spare parts so big that it wouldn't fit in the tank? Or great technology? Unless it was Republican credits or metals and gems. Neither of us knew it, we had never entered the fortress before ... All we knew was the perimeter of the outer courtyards where there was a relaxing lounge and a huge unhappy head.

We were also able to have an overview of the outdoor courtyards. The largest gave way to relaxation lounges and the cantina.

Besides, there was a side where you found benches with beautiful tricolor crystals in the center.

The other little courtyard, we didn't dare go there too much, it was next to the guard post ... And that's where your father was great, my son! I managed to sell a small cleaning droid to the soldiers, a robot vacuum cleaner, but I equipped it with a relay to send me images of the interior, so that we can finally discover the treasure. ! He was first taken up the cliff, for that he passed a rest post at the bottom of the elevator and a command post at the top.

He then had to clean the balcony, a large play area and cantina.

He could see our tank from up there! We thought that the treasure would surely be up there but no, the only rooms were a meeting room, and another full of utility!

Then he was sent to clean the large hangar ... passing a security post with a force field.

There was a whole lot of material there, not in the waiting rooms, but more the vessels, like the one that loaded the crates in it, it would have been useful to us!

You also had a bunch of computers, and a medical corner full of cutting-edge equipment ... we thought that was our treasure! But in fact no!

It was after we found out the truth ... the droid was sent to the end of the great yard to clean the room of the guy who was talking about his treasure. 

So we forwarded the guy. And he was in the little outer courtyard through a hallway that he and the rest of them called the "Hall of Angels."

He stopped in the rest room of the other guys to tell them he was going to the special room! We were reaching our goal!

So there ... he passed turrets and returned to paradise! A huge computer, it was engraved ODIN on the side: Neural Pulse Defense Computer. We finally knew what this famous treasures were! Or not ... He spoke to ODIN, and told him to handle security well while he was away, because he was going to the special room next door ... We were all excited with the clan! What could be more of a treasure than CA?

He walked into a dark, flaming room ... there wasn't much in it except a weird human female ... to whom he said hello honey ... The droid got kicked out and the locked door ... We don't know if there was another secret with the treasure ... but he came out a little later quite happy.

Moral son ... you can still trade with humans, but when you try to sell something, always think about this: they have weird tastes!



What I took away from this fortress: The fortress has been neat and time spent on its arrangement, we can immediately feel it, by the excellent combinations of decorations, and the general arrangement. The rooms are bright and not overcrowded, and each fulfills a different role. Big crush on the hangar, Naat managed to make the space both full without making it a catch-all, thanks to the partition in particular for the waiting room, and the division into several distinct sectors! Special mention for the game "Where's Charlie / The Familiar?" with familiars more or less hidden in places. Can you find them in the following photos?

Do you want to see with your own eyes? You will find this fortress in public listing on the Battle Meditation server.

If you too would like to Share Your Fortress ... or your Guild Ship, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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