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Today I'm taking you on the Battle Meditation server to discover the fortress of my guild: The Night Fury Squadron. The guild focuses its activities around role-playing and Galactic Starfighter (space PvP). RPG point of view, the squadron is republican, with the particularity of hiring the best pilots, despite their ... concerns with the army (insubordination, madness, etc.). Second particular point: the squadron is made up of 50% Jedi. This will explain a couple of things during the visit.

Onward to the squadron headquarters on Coruscant! In PR of course!

Long before the taking of command of Onidra, Captain Inika-Kornas had been contacted by a Jedi master named Aldorn, Rijiera by his name, he had come to find her in her mental hospital, snatching her from her delicious soups, to together form an elite squadron. He had finished convincing her by accepting that she had a companion Mawvorr. She was coming back from her walk with her little "Csilla" the name she had chosen for her animal. In the waiting room on arrival one of the new recruits was waiting, coming for an interview to perhaps integrate the squadron's training program! It's up to her to convince Archadem, that was the name of the smuggler with whom she had an appointment, to join them!


Hello man in the hat! Over here for the visit! 

After a nod, without adding a word, he followed her for the visit.

We start with the facilities for work! Here is the flight simulator room! Two possible teams, red and purple!

Then, the classroom, briefing and holocommunications. Note: Space Academy RP animations will soon be offered here, open to everyone.

Aaaah! One of the most important rooms! she said with a smile and putting a loving hand on the door. The warehouse ! Oh and hey, there's Norick, another of our recruits here. And some of our little babies, 6 Flashfires and an FT-8 Star Guardian. The others are on the balcony. This is also where we have our weapon room, and yep, on the wall are our initials!

We go upstairs! 

Here in the main room, you can relax, eat, have a drink, play ...

At the back is the common dormitory, which opens onto three other rooms. No privileged treatment for officers!

The bathroom first of all, with the latest shower cubicles / toilets! They are 4 in 1. Steam shower, sonic shower, classic shower, and toilet. All your personal belongings should be stored in the bathroom lockers, gringo, understood?

If ever you have a medical concern, you will have the infirmary here in the middle! Kolto vat, bed, we even have a healing Jedi, Tear of the Moon.

Ah bah besides, it is she there meditating in the room of ... meditation, yes Captain Obvious. It also serves as a study room for those who want to master (Aldorn) Rijiera, the head of the Jedi part of the squadron.

Okay, now the serious stuff, the heavy artillery on the balcony: Bombardier, Condor ... and their escorts. So, conquered?

Rather than the usual part "What I took away from this visit" which would not be so objective this time, you have the right to a variation!

What Archadem retained from this visit: Space combat simulators, I find the idea original and very nice, thus bringing a certain coherence with the theme of the fortress in general, I also appreciated the idea of ​​the hangar which, with the proposed layout, really makes one think at a fighter launch pad. Finally I would conclude by saying that the idea of ​​a relaxation lounge for pilots is really good, something to relax after a good mission.

If you want to visit yourself, you can find the fortress in the public guild listings, you can also contact me for a guided tour. Finally, if you want more information about the guild, you can visit our forum.

Have a good weekend everyone and see you in a week for the next PVF! Do not hesitate to contact us if you also wish to share your fortress.

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