SWTOR - PVF: Sanctuary of the Republic of Tione'b

At the end of the year we are heading to the Darth Nihilus server and the planet Coruscant for this issue of Share Your Fortresses. It's Tione'b who shows us around her sanctuary. Without further ado, I give him the floor for the guided tour.


Hello visitor friend! I am Master Tilmend. Welcome to our sanctuary dedicated to the Light and the fight against evil. Master Tione'b asked me to show you around.

Ah! This is Captain Keiki-wan. I will take advantage of her presence to confide in her for a moment. She will introduce you to our military organization.

Thanks Tilmend. I'm Keiki-wan, Captain of Falcon Squadron. I would be delighted to show you around our HQ. However, for security reasons, I have to ask you to leave your weapons to the guard. You will collect them at the exit. Please also refrain from taking any holo-recordings of what is or is happening in this room.

I present to you my aide-de-camp Elara Dorne and Lieutenant Aric Jorgan. The latter shares with us all the experience he acquired during his years in the Chaos Squad. He is currently studying the movements of imperial troops in the Rishi sector, with a view to estimating the level of threat they represent and coordinating a possible strike. We are in holo-communication with Lieutenant Felix Iresso, who is on the surface of Rishi in order to transmit field information to us, but the communication seems scrambled. The Empire is operating under the radar and we have not yet been able to determine whether it has landed troops on the ground, or what its intentions are.

As you can see, our HQ has the necessary infrastructure for briefing troops, and amenities such as bunks to ensure 24/24 duty. Hmm ... please move away. reserves of weapons please! 

Sorry ? Yes Aric, very well, I am coming ... Elara, accompany our visitor and make sure that his weapons are returned to him. I hope this brief visit has interested you. Sorry to end it so abruptly, but Lieutenant Jorgan seems to have reestablished communication with Lieutenant Iresso. You will find Master Tilmend in the room at the end of the corridor, to the left as you come out of the HQ.

Come in, don't be impressed by the calm that reigns here ... You are here in the Peace Room, a place of meditation for us Jedi. My padawan Kira, here, will accompany us in the rest of this visit. Here is also Master Tione'b in person, who takes the initiative for the creation of this sanctuary, and his apprentice Nadia.

We will now go to the other end of this corridor. This large room is a technical room where we store our field equipment and manage our stocks. It is truly the logistical heart of our fortress. This little blue droid has no equal when it comes to diagnosing engine failures in our speeders! In the back of the room, our cyber surveillance teams scan the Empire, Hutts, and even Republic communication channels, and report back to Lieutenant Jorgan every day. Captain Keiki-wan may not have told you, but Falcon Squadron works directly for General Garza. The latter having concerns about both the physical and cybernetic security of the Senate tower, she preferred to duplicate all her espionage means by installing a discreet antenna in our Sanctuary. Even Supreme Chancellor Saresh doesn't know about it, I believe.

We will leave this martial atmosphere and join our cantina. It's right at the top of that flight of stairs. Go ahead, please, to your left.

The Cantina of Light was conceived as a place that could be used for both rest and party ... The Jedi usually yearn for the first, while our soldiers like to take their minds off in a more ... lively way. and loud, say, when they come back from a mission. We can then, at the touch of a button located under the C2-N2 bar, transform our virtual decor into something more festive.

We will access the terrace through the other door, which will give you the opportunity to admire our collection of datacrons. This terrace was designed in the image of the entire sanctuary: as a place of serenity. But don't get me wrong, the Jedi are also, and in these troubled times more than ever, warriors. Here is our padawan Oonà who is training to master the Force in combat, with his master of arms trandoshan.

The third door of the Cantina of Light leads to the library ... Here, Professor Cedrax, at the back left ... It is not a surprise to meet him here. Since he joined us, he has spent his life immersed in scientific works. He took it into his head to understand rakata knowledge ... Hello, Tharan! Um, you see, he's so focused he didn't even notice us.

As I told you, all is not only peace here ... Our soldiers often return wounded from the battles they have led ... This infirmary is at the cutting edge of technology, thanks in particular to its regenerating kolto tank . The man in green is our Doc! Everyone calls him that ... he's a bit of a boast, but he's a remarkable doctor with solid field experience. He saved many lives, and many more arms and legs, than any other doctor would have replaced with cybernetic prostheses.

The next room is our Jedi Council room. The crown of red chairs is reserved for our Padawans ... We believe it is important to train them in Jedi strategy and diplomacy early on. They therefore attend, as mere spectators, some of our Board meetings. But let's not delay, I believe that Master Arnog is still lecturing young Alicia ... He has some problems with his padawan, who tends to forget the Jedi code as soon as she sees a pretty boy. Me, I'm less concerned with these kinds of details ... Isn't it Kira? And if I may allow myself a little bit of cynicism ... Isn't it ironic that he is inflicting this sermon on her in front of the statue of the Grand Master Satele Shan?

This brings us to the last visitable room in this shrine ... the Jedi Chamber. It is reserved for Jedi passing through our house.

The private apartments of the inhabitants of this sanctuary are located on the lower floors. They are accessible by the elevator that got you here, but we want them to stay private. May I invite you to enjoy a glass of Alderaan hillside white wine at our cantina? It's delicious and C2 had a case delivered yesterday ... Master Tione'b will certainly join us if he's finished his conversation with Nadia.


What I learned from this quickly: I find the small Jedi council room very nice. But for this fortress my favorites go to the bottom floor with the Salon de la Paix on the one hand, and my special mention on the other hand: the briefing room. It is cleverly subdivided into several parts and is very functional with the desk on one side, briefing on the other or the armory on the other. A piece that I really like.



See you soon for the next PVF, you can contact us if you also want to share your fortresses or your guild ship.

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