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In this new issue of Share Your Fortresses, head to the Mantle of the Force server. The mercenary Sassinak invites us to discover her base of operations on Nar Shaddaa ... and another hideout.

Sassinak is a girl from a large family, but does not have the gift of the Force unlike her sister. It was after being disowned by her family because of a charge, and by meeting a former soldier, that she became the bounty hunter she is today. One of his missions one day brought him to Nar Shaddaa. His employer, anxious to keep an arms market, entrusted him with the mission of removing from the landscape his direct competitor, a wealthy arms dealer and art collector of his state.

Rather than being paid in hard currency, she demanded as payment for her services that title to her target's home be transferred to her, allowing her for the first time in years to have her own home. .

If you want to know more about its history, you can discover it in this PDF.


I therefore give the floor to Sassinak so that she can present her fortress to us.

“To bask in the vicissitudes of being a bounty hunter, I acquired a galactic fortress on Nar Shaddaa. Like any self-respecting mercenary, I paid homage to the former owner of the place after having 'borrowed' from him. the keys of the place To honor him and the members of his family, 3 decorations were placed at the entrance.

Once past the entrance, we find jawas in the middle of a discussion, but watch out for your translator droids, they will be eyeing any computer near them, but the bots are watching them.

Arrived in this corridor we have access to 4 rooms each having a theme: the master bedroom, the guard's bedroom, the animal life study room, and the living room (hold, galactic market, etc. )

After this corridor, Force users will be able to repair or forge their own lightsaber depending on their alignment.

Once this room is over, we can go down by one of the two stairs which will lead you to the winter reception room. Three partners will welcome you and will be at your disposal to satisfy your every wish. 

If time permits, I invite you to use the summer reception room, which is more spacious and where Twi'lek hostesses will be in charge of entertaining you. This reception hall has a peculiarity, a circle of reflection and planning. The closer you are to the center, the more important you are. And incidentally if your remarks or criticisms did not please me, I would invite you to discover the view of the city. Miss Treek will take care of giving you your first flying lesson without a parachute. If, of course, you survived the fall, I would be more inclined to listen to your dissenting opinion.

Let's go back through the winter reception room and cross the vehicle preparation room to access my second source of income.

A bartender will welcome you and graciously provide you with all the potions and elixirs that the galaxy has to offer. In order to demonstrate your importance in society, you will not be able to resist the temptation to play in the casino. Of course like any self-respecting mercenary, my goal is to win whatever the means. Anyone who dares to suggest that my casino is rigged, I would send them to discuss this point of view with Miss Treek.

I hope you enjoyed this visit and look forward to welcoming you. Incidentally, if you were tracked down or wanted in the galaxy, the galactic fortress will offer you a dignified refuge at a lower cost. And if by accident my blaster welcomes you, know that it was a pure accident, completely voluntary on my part! * smiles * After all, a bounty is a bounty.


You will undoubtedly notice the flight simulator with the effigy of an imperial fighter on the penultimate photo. In reality, it is a real hunter to allow an emergency evacuation to one of the hunter's hideouts, in particular that of Tatooine where we were also able to go for you.

We start this visit from the balcony, containing some utilities and a living room where locals discuss among themselves.

From there we can admire the view of the superb sunset of the twin suns, and the whole area of ​​Sassinak.

Two rooms are adjoining this balcony, the room of the hostess, and a room for trading.

By moving towards the elevator we can admire the targets shot down by the mercenary, and once down, a small room for the Jedi awaits us.

Next comes the main courtyard, adorned with a gigantic stone obelisk, and containing Tatooine's true wealth: water.

We can see on the right the armored door leading to the hangar which contains a ship, a few speeders for safaris, or even a small stock of various and varied objects.

Going up the stairs instead, we arrive in another interior courtyard, where another native tries to attract a client with a lot of “Utinni!”.

This courtyard overlooks a small private cantina, able to accommodate a hutt in particular, and offering us the delicate dance of a few twi'leks.

Going up a little, we can admire the expanse of the desert, why not by sitting on a sofa under an arbor.

There remains a last courtyard, which can be accessed by a technical corridor, and which has three annexes: a medical room with sterilization field, a speeder maintenance room, and a combat analysis room led by the hunter and recorded by its equipment.

Before leaving, last little things, in case of need, one can always save oneself with the help of two light fighters, or another vessel "borrowed" from its owner.

What I took away from this visit : I like the idea behind Nar Shadda linked to the character and his story, but that's more my gamer side that speaks. Despite everything, such explanations can make it possible to understand why a person has arranged his fortress in this way, it is always a plus. I also liked the Tatooine hangar, the perimeter of which was not limited to an exhibition of speeders, however, I find it unfortunate that the other objects are quite heterogeneous, unless it is a cargo to take away. There are arrangements of cool items, like the reflection circle on Nar Shaddaa's balcony or the scaffold lamps cleverly recycled into a sterilization field generator. Special mention: groups of jawas ... I'm a fan of these little scenes.

This PVF is now complete. I would like to thank Sassinak for the much more complete guided tour which I was not able to retransmit here in full, otherwise this article might be extended further. You have loved ? Do you want to discover these two fortresses in more detail? You can join them from the Mantle of the Force public listing with the names "Sassinak Galactic Fortress" for Nar Shadda, and "Sassinak's Vacation Home" for Tatooïne.

Have a good weekend everyone and see you next week! Do not hesitate to contact us if you also wish to share your fortress.

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