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It's been a while since Share Your Fortresses had not been for a walk on the side of Battle meditation. Thanks to Soupir we will take care of this little problem, heading to his library in Dromund Kaas. Soupir's choice to transform his fortress into a library is no accident. On the one hand he loves the lore and the "secrets" of SWTOR, and on the other hand he works IRL in a library! Enjoy your visit to its Sith archives.


Welcome to Kaas City Archives, I am L1-R3, to serve you. If you need help finding a book you can use the terminal in that room, or contact me. My facial recognition protocols tell me that this is your first visit to the Sith Archives. Would you like a guided tour?

Yes ? In this case, let's start with our infirmary. As a class 4 public building and by virtue of imperial decree n ° 4162 chapter 5 section 4 paragraph 12, a building of our size must have an infirmary. You will find that it is double the size required and has state-of-the-art equipment ... necessary for the organic repairs required when consulting some non-digital works.

Next we have the galactic room. Its name comes on the one hand from the interactive map of the Galaxy that you find there, but also from the central terminal connected to the largest libraries of the Galaxy such Obroa-Skaï, for information research. It is also from here that we can manage stocks and book loans.

At the end of the corridor you have our central nucleus, the heart of the library, whose architecture is managed by the artificial intelligences B0U and Q1N. You also have several seating areas to consult the works. I would like to draw your attention to the fact that we offer seats suitable for all types of body types ... humanoids, that goes without saying.

As I bring you upstairs, may I encourage you to admire the work of the best upholsterers in all of Kaas City?

The second floor is reserved for the culture of our glorious Sith masters with first and foremost the exchange room. It is connected to our balcony which allows our library to be served directly by taxi, in addition to exhibiting several sculptures rich in teachings.

If you want to access the following rooms outside of the visit, you will need to obtain an A38 pass from my colleague in the municipality: R0-M4N. The first piece brings together various works dating from before the digital age. It is above all these which require the use of our infirmary in the event of visitors trying to enter despite the absence of an A38 pass. Our good guards take care of this!

The first part contains the archives concerning all the esoteric sciences.

Unfortunately, I'm afraid you won't be able to access the other two rooms though, which are our manager's office and bedroom, respectively. A remarkable person if you want my humble opinion. He lodges here to defend our precious archives himself in the event of a cunning attack on this vile Republic!

Okay, I'll let you browse the books you want in our library. Don't hesitate to ask me if you need any help!


What I took away from this visit : Well the number of libraries is certainly impressive, but it is more interesting to see that it is not only about libraries, other objects being inserted between two like the throne in the hangar. I also really like the bedroom, it's my favorite: the very Sith office with the colors and the furniture, as well as the decoration!


If you wish to visit this fortress, you will find it in the public list of the Battle Meditation server under the name of "Temple of the Darkness of Sigh".


See you soon for the next PVF, you can contact us if you also want to share your fortresses or your guild ship.

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