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A relatively rare occurrence in Share Your Fortresses, today it is a guild (don't hesitate to other guilds!) Which invites us to visit its home, more particularly its guild ship. It is the REBORN guild of the Mantle of the Force server that welcomes us.



Presenter one: The REBORN guild is proud to present its ship: the Slash ... stuck

Presenter two: I told you it was stupid ... 

Presenter one: Ah you your mouth eh! You're not going to start !!! And then see that you drunk me go there I entrust you the visit.

Presenter two: Me and my big g ... good and good ... welcome to our guild ship * looks mockingly at his officer * I am Aëden-Yel, raid leader of the reborns and therefore my officer Kaory has just done me the honor of giving me the presentation of our interstellar cruiser.

I would be happy to describe each room to you so that you fully appreciate this little moment of relaxation and ...

Kaory: And given how talkative you are, I don't know if we can still speak of a "little moment of relaxation" ... an eternal moment of force-feeding would be more appropriate. 

Aëden-Yel: EH OH if you're not happy you hit it yourself the visit OK ?????

Kaory: Go ahead go ahead, drive or we'll still be there tomorrow!

Aëden-Yel: grmmmbblbl officier a la c ..


Aëden-Yel: Nothing chef, let's go chef (of my two) *PAF * MAIHEU !!!!

Anyway, to start, here is our superb entry with ... uh ... two flags ...

But we can already see the catwalk pointing, so let's wait no longer!

Here is the nerve center of the vessel: the bridge. Lots of machines and not a lot of people to run them, they must still be in the cantina these lazy ... damn even the pilot has screwed the camp !!!! 

Kao will have to talk about deductions from balances again ...

Finally like that the cockpit is visible, without parasites ...

Kaory: And my hand in your face is it visible? Are you going to stop denigrating the crew, yes?

Aëden-Yel: Then here is the room for interested parties, with a galactic market, various vendors and bunkers, letterbox ... I can tell you that we meet people there strangely *PAF* AIEUH !!!!

Kaory: I had warned ...

Let's continue with the officers' quarters. Here is Georgette, the secretary of our two officers and ...

Kaory: But don't take a picture now, you idiot !!!! 

Aëden-Yel: What ? Ah bah yes Kao what are you doing with your broom there? Isn't that Georgette's job normally?

Now let's enter the quarters of Tenner, our first officer. Don't pay attention to the two big red things, it's just a show ...

Kaory: We will move otherwise in two seconds we will see if "the two red things are showing off" as you say ...

Aëden-Yel: And yes our officer is not there, I think he has emptied the bar we see at the back and he has to wander the corridors in search of a quiet place to vomit.

Kaory: He'll be happy to hear that when he gets back from mission.

Aëden-Yel: Anyway, let's continue with Kaory's quarters, therefore, a more sober, more strict, more psychorigid decoration.

Kaory: Hep them massassis, Aëden has just said that you are sissies!

Aëden-Yel: No no no no NO N ......

Kaory: I am going to take over for a moment because Aëden does not feel well, it looks like ... Let's go down to the engine room first ... here we can move.

The hangars now ...

Aëden-Yel: You can tell he doesn't like visiting?

Kaory: Ah well, are you back? Go ahead, I'll let you do it.

Aëden-Yel: Too kind ... here is the customs, because a ship like that must be maintained my good lady

Kaory: Surprisingly, this idea does not come from you but from our banker T'oc ...

Aëden-Yel: Yeah, sometimes he doesn't have too many ideas. *PAF* I'm fed up here ...

The hangar on the right, therefore, I couldn't find a better name ... as you can see we stung a little memory when we made a foray on Corellia ^^

The hangar on the left now, with the evacuation shuttles ... because the emergency pods upstairs I don't trust. They have an unfortunate tendency to drop us on Belsavis in front of a big, ugly droid ...

Let's move on to the crew deck. There are things to see normally. First of all the hallway. It seems stupid like that but it's crazy how it dresses the paintings ... When it's not ugly 

Kaory: Yeah finally your taste in painting we do without!

Aëden-Yel: Indeed ... On the right we have the cantina, which I personally call the debauchery room, with its dancers, its machines and gaming tables, its alcohol ...

Kaory: And then I'm the psychorigid ...

Aëden-Yel: Opposite, we logically have the infirmary.

Kaory: Why logically ???

Aëden-Yel: Well we see that you are not going in the cantina, when you see what they put in the cone, the sagoons had better that the infirmary was not far

Kaory: We will talk about all that I think ...

Aëden-Yel: Further, from left to right: the dormitory, common and mixed room, it's super practical ...

Kaory: Yeah, besides, they tell me that we don't see you there often ... what are you doing at night?

Aëden-Yel: Me ? Nothing, I walk around, I don't need a lot of sleep ...

Then we have the weapons and training room. Yes yes, we pushed everything against the walls to have as much space as possible, the guys are so talented that they manage to injure themselves with a crate.

Then the tactical room, the analysis center for all our armed interventions, the very heart of the guild's activity, the pinnacle of strategy, the Champs Élysées of ...

Kaory: Hey raid leader, are you going to calm down, yes?  When we see the rotten strats that you throw at us, we wonder why we invested so much in all this stuff elsewhere ... And then what are these partitions in the corner?

Aëden-Yel: Uh nothing at all but it fills the room you know very well that I don't like the great outdoors ...

Kaory: It doesn't like the great outdoors and it roams the universe ... I swear ... But, what is that smell ??? Aaaaaaaaaaaah bah this is where you actually sleep !!

Aëden-Yel: Oh I'm fine I'm fine ... I sleep when I can OK? And I'm in there all the time so ...

Kaory: Branquignolle, seriously ...

Aëden-Yel: That’s not nice.

And then we have the garden, with the fountain for dipping ...

Kaory: What is the pig that allows itself that ???

Aëden-Yel: Huh? Ah euuuuh ... nobody told me that's all!

Kaory: Yeah ... and besides, there are plants that disappear regularly, you wouldn't be aware of the times, since you're right next door?

Aëden-Yel: I promise I don't know ...

Kaory: We will talk about that again, I can feel it.

Aëden-Yel: Well, let's end up with the command bridge ... Well, supposedly, because given what's inside ... Besides, Kao, did you think of having our visitor sign the confidentiality form? Do you know about the room on the left?

Kaory: Oh damn I forgot !!! So here are the 14 forms saying that the slightest unauthorized information on certain things will result in immediate death and without possible claim ... Meeeeeerciiiii.

Aëden-Yel: So this is already the ... central square? How would you say Kao?

Kaory: I'm not saying I don't care.

Aëden-Yel: OK that's it ... Okay so the memorial room, with little memories of our various raids across the galaxy ... Yes? The big thing in the center? Yes yes it comes from Tython. No no, no raid there but we liked it so we asked and here is what .. Yes yes, they are aware ... I think so? Kao?

Kaory: *sifflote*

Aëden-Yel: Opposite, our meeting room, debriefing and other fascinating interviews with members of the guild.

Kaory: Especially, when you present your theories to us ... We'll have to change the armchairs for something more comfortable, moreover, we don't sleep well on that.

Aëden-Yel: Ah bah that, you want to screw it up with a throne you assume.

Then, the Jedi chamber where we train our pledges ... er ... our Force-sensitive recruits. Besides, Kao, the rakata preacher there, I find him not great.

Kaory: Why ? Do you want to take care of the training ???

Aëden-Yel: Uh yeah no actually rakatas are cool.

Kaory: It seemed to me too.

Aëden-Yel: And finally the sensitive room ... We were serious with the documents so please don't mess around. In the back corner our scientist is doing some ... tests on the little bugs that we have been able to find on various planets ...

Huh? Ah yes, obviously, be careful with sleens and whatnot that roam, they can not all be customized at the same time and must be put somewhere in the meantime.

And there, we build our prototypes of speeders among other things, because we are tired of dragging ourselves around the different planets and when we see the taxi routes ... but I admit that we have not yet found a way to go really faster ... We thought we had a lead on Ziost but in fact no ...

Well here we are, we went around the ship, I hope you enjoyed it ^^

Kaory: Yeah and now we're gonna debrief Tenner, he's gonna love it I can tell.

Aëden-Yel: And galley ... shouldn't give me the visit if you're not happy !!! Always me who type me the dirty work and after I take full face! One day I'm gonna go and you gonna me mmmfmfmfmmmmmfmf

Kaory: Excuse me, the time to gag him and I'll take you back to your shuttle.



What I took away from this visit: let's start from the beginning, the main deck, embellished with many machines, you have successfully completed the challenge of having a bridge that neither empties nor filled to fill! I particularly enjoyed the meeting room as well as the strategic room (with the two offices side by side), a special mention to the Jedi forge in which crystals were encrusted! But my real crush is the small garden, a room that I particularly appreciate for its "greenhouse" effect given its load, with a small living room in the middle and curtains to make it more intimate.


If you want to visit the ship, (after signing the confidentiality forms) you can find it on the public list on Mantle of the Force.


rjprojectsonline (at the address) Gmail (dot) com and we arrange for that!

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