SWTOR - PVF - Vassass Fortresses # 1

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Once again, Share Your Fortresses leaves for the server Mantle of the Force. Vassass will make us discover not one but its four fortresses. Today we are going to visit Coruscant et Dromund Cheese, while we will focus in a future issue on those of Nar Shaddaa and Tatooïne.

Not feeling the soul of a writer, Vassass prefers to leave the images to each of us. This is why there will only be the images, OR, for those who would prefer, the videos he made to visit his fortresses in music.

Enjoy your visit.



Let's start with the Canthanna Temple of Light on Coruscant.




Then the Kiami Imperial Shrine sur Dromund Cheese.





What I took away from these visits : I enjoyed the throne rooms very much. It is not often easy to place these as they give an impression of emptiness if placed in the center. But with the combination of other decorations, Vassass solved the problem perfectly, especially I find on the Alderaanian throne with the Rakata statue. On the Dromund Kaas side, I also spotted the infirmary, while what I liked most about Coruscant was the balcony with its fountain surrounded by benches in a circle, an arrangement that I had not yet had the opportunity to see !

That's all for today, you can find these two fortresses in public listing on Mantle of the Force, with the names indicated in the article (Imperial Shrine and Temple of Light).


If you too would like to share your stronghold (s) with us, whether personal or guild, do not hesitate to contact us.

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