SWTOR - PVF - Vassass Fortresses # 2

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Today in Share Your Fortresses, we return to Mantle of the Force to visit the rest of the fortresses of Vassass! As a little reminder, we had visited his fortresses of Coruscant and Dromund Kaas the first time! So this time we will discover the next two! Tatooine and Nar Shaddaa!

I remind you for those who would not have read the first article:

Not feeling the soul of a writer, Vassass prefers to leave the images to each of us. This is why there will only be the images, OR, for those who would prefer, the videos he made to visit his fortresses in music.

Enjoy your visit !


We will start with the Galactic Fortress of Te'ndi'osli on Nar Shaddaa.


Then the Repair of the Vassass Contractor on Tatooine.


What I took away from these visits : The little extra of Nar Shaddaa: the security cameras present in most rooms! I also liked the trading room but especially the lush middle room. This one is quite busy which will surely not please some, I am the first to dislike when it is too much but in this case, it feels like a living room in the middle of a greenhouse, and personally I have never seen a greenhouse that is not loaded! So it sticks very well!

Regarding Tatooine, the first visible table, the one surmounted by the lamp with four luxurious chairs around it, made a strong impression on me thus placed, I cannot explain it to myself in particular, but I like it a lot! Then there are the many tents erected here and there in the courtyard that in my opinion fit perfectly, and the layout of the infirmary. But my special mention goes to the office, with the meditation chair right behind and the luxurious seats around the same table, a harmonious result!


This is the end of the visits to the fortresses of Vassass! If you want to discover more, you can find them in the public listing of the Mantle of the Force server with the names indicated in the article (Galactic Fortress and Smuggler's Lair).

If you too would like to share your stronghold (s) with us, whether personal or guild, do not hesitate to contact us.

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