SWTOR - PvP: Season 3 Rewards

We already knew about the rewards for PvP Season 3, but we got a few pics of some of them in the latest Knights / Warriors livestream:


Level 3 - less than 1300

  • Unique Season 3 Title Level 3
  • Unique Bronze Trophy Decoration from Season 3
  • Box containing a new red / yellow colored crystal (to take over the fire effects of this season's spirit) in each currently available stat (Crit, Stamina, Expertise and Power)

Level 2 - 1300-1649

  • Level 3 Color Crystal Box
  • Single Title Season 3 Level 2
  • Unique Season 3 Silver Trophy Decoration
  • "Furious" weapon based on the Revanite PvE and PvP set

Level 1 - 1650 and above

  • Level 3 Color Crystal Box
  • Level 2 arm set
  • Unique Title Season 3 level 1
  • Unique Season 3 Gold Trophy Decoration
  • "Furious" armor based on the Revanite PvE and PvP set
  • Monture Walker "Furious" by Baron Mark Demort


Here are the images of these awards:






Armor sets



Outfits of the Furious Battler (IG translation to see). Sith Warrior on the left, Jedi Knight on the right.




"Flames ?

- It's to make believe that I'm moving faster. "

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