SWTOR – Quesh

Its natural poisons have made Quesh one of the most dangerous and valuable planets in the galaxy and have made it the terrain of a bitter struggle between the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire. While the chemicals on Quesh are lethal to most life forms, they can also be used to create some of the galaxy's most powerful dopants ... and spawn unspeakable wealth to anyone who controls these ingredients.

Discovered by the Republic during the Great War, Quesh was abandoned after scientists detected the toxic contents of its atmosphere. It wasn't until years later that a young chemist, digging through old data, discovered the potential of Quesh's chemical compounds thanks to their incredible similarity to shadaaga venom (Hutt venom), an essential ingredient in the making. high quality doping agents for healing, reflexes and concentration.

If the Republic figured out how to process these delicate chemicals, it would have an important source of income at a critical time of war. Unfortunately, the engineers of the Republic were unable to develop a technique to synthesize dopants. They were forced to seek help from unlikely allies: the Hutts. Three families of the Hutt Cartel were secretly convinced to disregard the neutrality treaty with the Empire in exchange for a portion of the profits from the doping trade that no Hutt could have refused. The cartel, provided it received its share, closed its eyes.

Ten years later, the Republic had invested heavily in Quesh. Despite efforts to keep it a secret, the chatter of miners and workers eventually spread. The existence of this vast source of chemical wealth and the violation of the treaty by the Hutts did not take long to reach the ears of the Empire. The cartel was compelled to denounce the traitors Hutts who had supported the Republic and to aid the Empire when it launched a full-scale attack on Quesh in order to annihilate the Republic's efforts and seize this resource.

Today, the Republic is fighting to protect its investment from the Empire and its hapless Hutt Cartel allies.

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Hutt space


The Empire comes to seize the mining operations of the Republic.

Mostly toxic swamps

Chemicals naturally produced in the planet's atmosphere can be used to create valuable dopants

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