SWTOR - Rattatak: between gladiators and warlords

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The Trilion Sector is easily one of the contenders from the worlds more distant from galactic civilization. Located at the boundary between the Outer Rim and the Unknown Regions (western end of the Remote Outer Rim on the map of TOR). Very few systems are known of it, and even entire swathes of local planets are not mapped for visitors and outsiders. This is the case, for example, with Rattatak, in the Guter Wade system. But considering the creatures that live there, it might not be so surprising.

The living conditions on Rattatak are not the most lenient. It is a fairly arid, dry, mountainous and rocky world. Not very suitable for agriculture, and besides, few people try to practice it here. The most practiced profession is warrior. There is no central government, only warlords in perpetual conflict with each other. The only relatively neutral area is the Cauldron, an arena where champions and gladiators compete to prove their merits. Did you find the Giradda the Hutt arena ruthless? Here it is worse. And it won't be filmed, the risk is so great that the film crew will find themselves fighting before they've finished putting down the material.

The people of Rattatak have not developed technology to travel between the stars. On the other hand, to find means to kill each other, they do not suffer any delay compared to the galactic majority. Humans, zabraks, weekays and many other races still live on the surface. Ships that have landed or crashed, explorers enslaved and their descendants who continue to pay the price. Its "official" discovery took place quite recently, by tracing the trail of a slave market. Moreover, slavers and mercenaries are still the most numerous visitors to allow themselves a raid on the surface.

The population of Rattatak is quite heterogeneous. But there is one species that dominates all the others. It took the name of rattataki. They are gray-skinned, hairless humanoids. They usually have black markings on their skulls. According to their legends, they would descend from an expedition of explorers of the Republic, but it is currently impossible to prove this and to determine their original origin. Moreover, between the galactic context, their aggressiveness and the so eccentric position of their planet, finding this information is not a priority. It would not be surprising if the coordinates of this independent world would one day be lost. But on the other hand, the rattatakis managed to make a hole. It is very rare that they are found among the ranks of slaves in the markets. They impressed the slavers and mercenaries enough that many hired them as guards by their side. From there, the galaxy is open to them and it's up to them to rise in the different societies they can find.

Thus the rattatakis managed to carve out a reputation for themselves as tough mercenaries and bounty hunters. They win more contracts on the side of the Empire than the Republic because the latter condemns the brutality that makes their legend. Moreover, on the side of the Sith and their allies, the actions of Darth Vich have done a lot for their reputation. In the early years of the conflict that saw the Empire return to the galaxy, he raided Rattatak to capture the natives. He trained his Force-sensitive prisoners as apprentices, and made the others his guards. At the head of this army, he found himself in opposition to the Black Council. Defeated, he was killed in action and his faithful survivors executed. But they had made a big impression, and since then it is not uncommon for some of their own to receive an invitation to join the Secret Service academy or inquisitor formations on Korriban among the groups of slaves. In the absence of a central government, the planet has made no official alliance with any of the factions, and it is too far away for it to be of interest. But many of her children have managed to take advantage of these troubles to find a place in the sun.

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