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As the patches go on, it's not always easy to know what to do first with a new 90's character, especially if you've stopped playing for several months, or even years. This guide is therefore intended for all new 90 characters arriving in patch 5.4 of Mists of Pandaria, whether they are mounted traditionally or via the sesame to 90.

  • Know your geography
  • Choose your path: specialization, talents and glyphs
  • Start Equipping: Timeless Island
  • Improve your PvE equipment: Dungeons / Raids / Scenarios
  • Fight in PvP
  • Build your reputations
  • Build your trades

Know your geography

After using a Sesame 90, you will automatically spawn at your respective shrines with the learned flying mount and flying destinations that will take you to important links in Pandaria. As this is certainly what is the most disabling when we find ourselves in a game, here is a small explanation to navigate.



Mists of Pandaria takes place on an island, detached from the other traditional continents of Azeroth (Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdoms).

Normally, to get to Pandaria, you have to complete a quest (The Art of War / The King's Order) which is automatically accepted as soon as you are in your faction's capital at level 85. Complete the quest until its term and you are in Pandaria! Once this introduction has been completed, a portal is available to us from these same capitals, identified by a hot air balloon. Sesames do not need to complete this quest: the portal is present by default.




The nerve center is located in the Sanctuaries (Horde: of the Two-Moons / Alliance: of the Seven-Stars) of the Vale of Eternal Spring. You will find most of the services there:

  • Guild and Personal Bank
  • PvE Gear Vendors (currently set T16)
  • Services ethérien :
    • Transmogrifier (allows you to change the appearance of equipment by stealing the appearance of another piece of equipment)
    • Item upgrades (allows you to gain up to 8 levels of items of equipment)
    • Arcane Retoucher (reduces one stat in favor of another)
    • Void chamber (allows storage of additional items)
  • Teleport portals to capitals and neutral towns (Dalaran and Shattrath)
  • Instructor de vol
  • Auction house (for engineers only, at the bottom of the stairs).

Once you know how to fly, it's trivial ... but the flight master is in the Sanctuaries. The flight into Pandaria (Wisdom of the Four Winds) costs 2500 gold. Fortunately, it is offered to sesame. 

To explain the classic route, access to the Vale is protected by a door, which only opens once a quest line has been completed (Temple of the White Tiger: Horde / Alliance). The start of this series is taken at level 87 at Kun-Lai Summit. To access Kun-Lai from the Jade Forest where you disembark from the capitals, go west from the Jade Forest, by two bridges that lead to the Valley of the Four Winds. A passage can be found in 70,23, passing through the area of ​​the backstairs (you can locate the passage through the quest On the road to Kun-Lai: Horde / Alliance). Once there, you can take the White Tiger Temple quest which takes you to the temple (far north of the area) before dropping you back down to the Golden Gates that lead to the Vale.

Above all, as soon as you are at the Sanctuary, consider speaking to an innkeeper to make it your new home!



Choose your path: specialization, talents and glyphs

Each time you reach the maximum level, it is important to think about what you want to do and, accordingly, to choose your specialization. Depending on your class, you have 1 to 4 roles (melee damage, ranged damage, healer and tank).

The talents can now be chosen every 15 levels from 3 spells. So you have 6 spells to choose from. There are some useful and some less useful. Glyphs add cool effects to some spells. There are many accessories that add unnecessary effects (therefore essential). Glyphs are now Lifetime Learned, so there's no need to redeem one after removing it. However, you need an Open Minded Tome to remove a glyph or talent (buy 50 pa from any calligraphy supplies vendor).

We do not have dedicated class guides, but you can find some interesting information on the official class forums or on the Millenium site.

By default, you get loot specific to your active specialty. But you can change that by changing the loot specialization by right clicking on the portrait. This specialization is used for all automatic loot from quests, raid or from outside bosses. You can thus choose to recover another type of equipment, useful for equipping while playing another specialty.



Start Equipping: Timeless Island

Once level 90, there is no point in going into a dungeon immediately. Direction: the island of Timeless.

This open area makes it easy to earn epic gear for all locations and have an effective character in PvE. The first thing to do is to go to our faction's camp to take the first quests there. The camps are on the west coast, where you arrive when you disembark.

On the island, we do not directly find equipment to equip, but parts, depending on the type of armor (cloth / leather / meshes / plates), linked to the account. By right clicking, if the character is affected by this type of armor, the piece becomes linked to the character and changes according to the specialization of the loot (by default, the active specialty).

All our guides on the island


The principle is simple:

  • collect as many chests as possible. In addition to our guides above, you may appreciate the one from Mamytwink which offers a very practical map. Chests contain Timeless Coins and 496 gear. Coins can be found for all character slots, including Rings (not unique), Trinket (unique), and Necklace (very rare).
  • remember to take your burden in a large chest, near the Sanctuary of Ordos by taking an albatross west of the Court of the Venerable Stars. The easiest way is to jump to the level of the red lake then to go around the sanctuary by the south to return below where I indicated Burden on the map. This burden makes it possible to increase the level of a part 496 in 535 (works on everything except the jewel). With luck, you can get other burdens. In order, increase the plastron, the leggings then the head.
  • kill all the rare that you come across. They are needed for the weekly quest (5 / week), grant 496 equipment as well as parts and sometimes burdens.
  • kill a venerable star once a week. These outside bosses are carried out in groups of around 16 (or less) and can give PvP gear (current season) once a week, as well as gloves and leggings from the TXNUMX PvE set.
  • complete all quests. This grants 496 Coins, Valor, and Equipment.
  • spend 20 coins to buy a weapon. These weapons are from iLvL 489 (in patch 5.4.7) and allow you to improve your equipment.
  • spend 50 coins to buy a piece of jewelry. This trinket is the first thing to buy for a character who is already heavily equipped, the last for a character who needs to be equipped. It is iLvL 535 and very efficient.

If you complete all of these steps, your character will have Epic 496 gear in all of their slots, except maybe the neck which is very rare. For the latter, it is better to recover it via reputation. This allows you to access most of the current PvE content.



Upgrade your PvE gear

If you've followed the previous tips, you should be able to participate in all PvE content through the Group Finder. This creates an automatic group with other players interested in the same content. Try to finish each content at least once, it would be a shame not to discover everything.

Here are the pages dedicated to Pandaria PvE content for strategies:

  • dungeons
  • Scenarios
  • Raids

Every day, try to finish at least one heroic scenario. This is worth 120 Valor points, or 840 in all, with the maximum per week being 1000. You can then fill with a heroic dungeon (80 points) and raids (90 points). With these Valor points, you can buy some better pieces of equipment (if you have the reputation) or improve your equipment by 8 ranks (in 2 times 250 Valor points) thus allowing to transform from 496 into 504.

If you start raiding, you can also do the legendary quest which allows you to have a superb cloak. It's pretty long, I warn you, but it's worth it. In addition, we get a meta-hunt for the helmet as well as a gem for the weapon (even if you cannot equip it on the latest weapons).


Fight in PvP

I am far from being a specialist in PvP. So I am only giving you the few tips that I know. If a more knowledgeable player wishes to comment on advice, this section will be expanded.

From now on, we no longer need to found arena teams. So you can find people and just group with them to complete PvP matches.

Season 15 has just started, featuring new 550 Pride Gladiator gear. All Season 14 items can now be acquired for Honor Points.

New 90 Survival Guide (PvP)


Build your reputations

As always, there are many reputations to be built. Although that has changed a bit, my original guide to Pandaria reputations is still usable. Most of the items donated by early reputations are useless, so while there's nothing stopping you from mounting them, it's not a priority.

The most interesting remains that of the Shado-Pan Assault, which requires raiding the Throne of Thunder. Just by talking to Quartermasters (Ao Pye or Teng of the Flying Daggers), you will be able to get Neck for 825 Neutral Valor (reputation). They also sell jewelry, finger, back, shoulders, legs, hands, wrists, head and torso.


Build your trades

If your character was already 60 before you upgraded to 90, you will have your main trades mounted. Otherwise, it will have to be done by hand!

There is now a shortcut to go up mining and herbalism directly in Pandaria, from level 1. You only get lower components (like nuggets or torn plants) which need to be combined to create the real ore or the real plant. , but it avoids the great journeys through all of Azeroth.

The kitchen can only be assembled via components purchased from vendors. Everything takes place in the Valley of the Four Winds, in Micolline. Talk to Sung Shin Ironpaw and there you can learn some very useful recipes for quickly simmering good food.

In this same village you have different quests related to the farm. This first attempt at housing allows you to own a small corner of Pandaria where you can sow and harvest plants, but also craft components. It's rather interesting to get started because it allows you to have, in the long term, every day, 16 chances to obtain components, possibly from trades that you do not have.

For enchantment, you no longer need to loop enchant your own pieces of equipment. Purchase vellum from enchanting supplies vendors. In addition, it sells pretty well (at least for higher level enchantments).


This guide ends there. Do not hesitate if you have any advice, I have been playing for 8 years without having really stopped, so it is not very easy for me to list everything that has evolved. Ask all your questions, I am at your disposal! In conclusion, the video from Blizzard presenting the sesame:

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