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After Ilum, Belsavis, Black Hole, Sector X and others, here is the last area of ​​daily quests: the CZ-198!

The mission terminal provides for 4 daily quests and 1 weekly quest. You will also have at your disposal 1 main quest for the "Role Play" side.


Daily quests


Kill, Kill and kill again ... but why are we so mean?

Exterminez les force Czerka sur CZ-198.
The resistance at the CZ-198 site makes our research efforts extremely difficult. Czerka's security forces must be routed

Your mission: Defeat Czerka's forces: 0/35

As quest rewards you get 8730 Credits, 2 Basic Honors, and a Premium Reputation Trophy (270)

Manual neutralization

Sabotage the storage modules ... Finally a real mission for a Jedi!

Czerka developed the ZX-10 line of high-level battle droids, but these cannot be reprogrammed to serve the republic. It would suffice to enter a special code on the droid storage pod to destroy its contents; however, it is likely that some droids will prematurely release their pod and initiate the attack.
Destroy the ZX-10 droids by sabotaging their containers,

Your mission: Destroy the droid containers: 0/5

Quest rewards are 8730 Credits, 2 Basic Honors, and a Premium Reputation Trophy (270)

Give and take

This quest takes place in the central part of CZ-198, accessible to both factions

Czerka devised an artificial substitute for the kolto that would be of great use in the Republic's war efforts. the corporation has also developed a powerful biotoxin which should absolutely not fall into the hands of the imperialists.
Capture the kolto and destroy the biotoxin containers in the supply area of ​​CZ-198.

Your mission: recover the containers of kolto 0/8 and destroy the containers of biotoxin: 0/8

Quest rewards are 8730 Credits, 2 Basic Honors, and a Premium Reputation Trophy (270)

Antitoxin recovery

Here's a bit of innovation amidst the other quests!

Czerka created an antitoxin that could be taken before or after exposure to the dangerous toxin she developed, but employees tried to dump their find in the waste system. It must be recovered.
Make your way to the waste treatment center and try to collect the antitoxin.

It breaks down into several stages. Your first objective is to go to the waste treatment center to collect the antitoxin. This instantiated area is very dark but an illumination probe box awaits you at the entrance.

The right and left corridors are blocked at the start by magnetic barriers and you must, to advance further, destroy a pipe, repair the box of the energy junction then activate the flow controls. That done, all you have to do is recover the antitoxin.

Unfortunately, the DS-5 project will prevent you from doing so and you will have to show strong negotiations to achieve your ends. This mini-boss is nothing complicated and you will have to kill it without much difficulty.

Pick up the Czerka antitoxin and exit the area to new adventures.

Quest rewards are 10476 Credits, 2 Basic Honors, and a Premium Reputation Trophy (270)


The weekly quest

The weekly quest "Czerka Restructuring" requires you to complete the 4 daily quests as well as the two Flashpoints Czerka's Laboratory and Czerka Core Fusion. These pay you back for each contentious area:

  • In normal mode: 8288 credits and 3 basic distinctions
  • In hard mode: 13095 credits and 2 elite distinctions
As a reward from the weekly quest, you get 15 Credits, 714 Basic Honors, 20 Elite Honors, 12 Artifact Container, and 1 Artifact-Quality Reputation Trophy (1).

The main quest

..... No information ...

As a reward, you get 17 Credits, 025 Artifact Container, 1 Artifact Quality Reputation Trophy (1), and a 1440 Index Weapon (148).


Do not hesitate, Republican friends, to give us more information to complete this guide!

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