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I present to you Jeliza, Secret Agent Heal of the Rattataki breed, healer of the Incarna guild on the Phateem Halls of Knowledge server. I give her the floor so that she can present her vision of her class to you.

We can see by browsing the net that it is quite difficult to find complete guides on this class (being one of the least played in the game, that's understandable ...).

It is nonetheless formidable! Both to heal his teammates, and to cause damage to Republicans! It therefore seemed essential to me that a guide on a great class be in this great blog!

In short, here, we will only focus on the Healer.


The talent tree

Obviously, we start with the base, the talent tree! An overview :


You will find the talents by following the link here.


The specifics of the Secret Agent healer

You should know that Secret Agents, whether they are healers or DPS have 2 resources to manage:

  • energy : ranging from 0 to 100% it regenerates from 2 / sec (when less than 20%), to 5 / sec (when greater than 60%). The goal is obviously to always keep your energy regeneration at 5 / sec.
  • The tactical advantage (as part of Heal AS): Tactical Perk triggers when, with previously established talents, Kolto Injection is sent, or when a Kolto Probe Cycle is in progress (30% chance that the tactical advantage is triggered with this skill-tree every 9 seconds, decreasing by 1.5 seconds per use of a kolto probe). It is possible to accumulate up to 2 tactical advantages, and it is also possible to trigger the tactical advantage by launching the slash attack on an enemy, which can be useful in pvp.

Tactical advantage is really a very important resource because:

  • it allows you to increase healing by 6% when it is active, or to be able to launch two treatments, called kolto infusion and surgical probe.
  • it triggers the amplified stim, which increases energy regeneration by 3 points every 3 seconds for 45 seconds, consuming a tactical advantage.


Secret Agent healer's healing spells

The Secret Agent has at his disposal 6 healing spells and a resurrection in combat, called a resurrection probe. Here is the description of the spells: (knowing that with my equipment, 5/5 Columi, excluding the Zionist and Rakkata set, the equipment bonuses are applied: Reduction of 4 energy points for Recovery Nanotechnologies and increase of 15 % of the healing done by Kolto's infusion but I didn't take into account the alacrity of the equipment, which allows me to decrease the cast times by about 12% for the moment)

  • Kolto injection: 2250-2550 health points; cost: 25 energy; cast: 2 seconds; provides the tactical advantage
  • Kolto Infusion: 1937-2238 health points; cost: 20 energy; cast: 1,5 seconds; requires tactical advantage
  • Kolto Probe: 1295 health points (or 2590 if 2 probes applied) in 18 seconds; cost: 25 energy; cast: 0 seconds; provides the tactical advantage
  • Surgical Probe: 842-1076 health points; cost: 0 energy ; cast: 0 seconds ; requires tactical advantage
  • Diagnosis: 508 health points in 3 seconds; cost: 0 energy
  • Nanotechnologies of recovery: 1583 points of health in 15 seconds applied to 4 allies within 10 meters around the target of the spell.


Secret Agent healer healing strategies

By analyzing the spells described above, we can deduce that all healing spells will be useful to you, except the kolto infusion. Indeed, even if the necessary casting time is less than the injection of kolto, it consumes a little less energy but it requires the tactical advantage and in addition heals much less well than the injection of kolto. Personally, I never use this spell. It is preferable to use the surgical probe, which allows, under criticism, to bring almost as much care.

We will therefore favor the injection of kolto. It already grants a Tactical Advantage point, which increases your healing and also allows you to unlock spells such as Surgical Probe or Kolto's Infusion. The Kolto injection is therefore THE big healing spell of the Secret Agent Heal, allowing in raid, with the help of a critical hit and a good influx index, to reach 6000 points of health. returned in a single spell.

Finally, it is important not to neglect the Diagnosis! Indeed, it only allows to restore 508 points of healing to a target, all this in 3 seconds, BUT it allows, with the above talents to increase its energy when needed, without needing to resort to the Adrenaline Probe (allowing to gain in 3 seconds 66 points of energy, subjected to a CD of 2min). Each diagnostic critical hit regains 2 energy points, with the 24% critical bonus from the patient exam talent, it is not uncommon to regain 3 energy points in 6 seconds.

Heal technique (even if it doesn't really exist, everything being dependent on the distribution of damage in the group):

Before starting combat, always place one or two Kolto Probes on the Main Tank. This will allow you to heal the tank continuously without wasting energy and, with a little luck, to gain a point of tactical advantage. It can be interesting to try to start a fight by already having its 2 points of tactical advantage.

We can therefore establish a kind of technique to start a fight in the best conditions by following these steps:

  • 1 injection of Kolto on the main tank (or someone else)
  • we trigger the amplified stim with the tactical advantage we have just gained (reminder: this allows to gain 3NRJ / 3seconds for 45 seconds)
  • 2 kolto probes on the main tank; with any luck you almost instantly unlock a tactical advantage
  • 1 injection of kolto on the main tank (or someone else); you thus have your 2 tactical advantages
  • if you are not at 100% energy after all this, feel free to use the Diagnosis spell on a member of the raid to supplement the lack of energy
  • Then the fight can start under the best conditions.

In combat, as said previously, you can't really predict the distribution of damage, so you have to follow the evolution of the health bars and act as best you can.

There are still a few things to know:

  • Try not to spoil your tactical advantages, when you reach the maximum of 2 use your surgical probe spell rather than Kolto's injection, as this spell is free and does not consume energy, it will allow you to heal your friends without costing anything !
  • Never forget to relaunch the Kolto Probes BEFORE the end of their application! By returning a Kolto Probe just before the two Kolto Probes you sent earlier disappear, you save one, or 15 energy.
  • In an emergency, when a member of the raid has less than 30% health, use the surgical probe. With the talent called Surgical Precision, the spell simply becomes COMPLETELY free! The tactical advantage consumed will be instantly returned to you. Then you can afford to take the 2 seconds necessary for the injection of kolto for a more intense treatment.


Which statistics to favor?

This question is quite complex and subject to debate. I will give you my opinion. The majority of Columi gear brings alacrity, so we could legitimately say that this statistic is necessary. But you have to take into account that the casting speed is not that important for the heal secret agent. There are only two spells that benefit from Alacrity, Kolto Injection and Kolto Infusion, the latter not being useful, so we can assume that only one of your spells will benefit from the Alacrity. alacrity, the injection of kolto.

Yes, but the problem is that having almost the entire Columi set you only have 12% alacrity, your spell takes 1,76 seconds instead of 2, which in an emergency does not allow you to anyway not to treat more effectively because the difference is too small.

Influx seems like a good stat to replace alacrity, it allows your spells to heal much more effectively, especially the Surgical Probe (which is your first support in an emergency) or the Kolto Probe which will do better. periodic care of your main tank in case of criticism. As well as the tics of Recovery Nanotechnologies which reach 1000 healing points in the event of a critical strike.

The optimal order would therefore be:
Tip> Critical> Surge> Power> Alacrity



The Specialized Secret Agent Heal has a really interesting advantage: it is very difficult to fall below the 60% energy mark, thanks to the amplified stim and the diagnosis, you should be quiet to be able to heal your whole group without ever having you. find oom!

The spells are powerful, we only regret the weakness of its only area, Nanotechnologies of recovery, compared to that of the Sorcerer for example. This weakness can be compensated by the fact that the surgical probe is instantaneous, suddenly the mass-heal can also be carried out with a Secret Agent Heal if you control your mouse well!

Here, I think I said it all !! Feel free to leave comments, visit the whole site, play swtor, visit our guild forum, apply, etc ...

Incarna – Phateem Halls of Knowledge

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