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Mothership offers you the new version of its guide, adapted to update 4.0. Here you will find a quick summary of his guide and the link to his site directly to enjoy the guide in its entirety.



The Sentinel is, along with the Guardian, one of the two advanced classes of the Jedi Knights. It is an easily recognizable melee damage (CaC) class because it wields two lightsabers to attack enemies. Equipped with medium armor, it is a damage-only class called "DPS". She is an efficient character, sought after in a party for Inspiration, sustained damage, good damage resistance, and good mobility.

There are 3 disciplines in Sentinel and we will be used to saying that:

  • Monocible: Juyo> Ataru> Focus
  • Multicible: Focus> Juyo> Ataru
  • Burst: Ataru> Focus> Juyo


This discipline is prevalent in PvE (although soldiers have dominated the galaxy since Revan 3.0) for several reasons:

  • Single-target DPS superior to other disciplines, this is the expressed wish of the developers.
  • She doesn't just type, she also heals players in her group (4 players max) via passives generated by our DoTs and requiring no general cooldown.



Yes a point is missing, here are the 3 or 4 points according to which I can play depending on the fights:

Boost group speed (Promptness)
Example: Useful on Brontes NiM (Dread Fortress) when Electric Fingers spawn.

Allow you to dispel (Cleansing Camouflage)
Useful for relieving healers from dispelling. Example: Dread Council (Dread Palace NiM)

Boost the Reprimand a little more (Jedi Promulgator)
If you want to gain resistance by reducing the cooldown of the Reprimand. Example: Tyrants NiM (heavy damage suffered)

It can happen to prefer two of the three uses above even if it means sacrificing Contemplation. For survival (Reprimand), party speed (Transcendence via Promptness), or healers (Cleansing Camouflage), it can be worth it. For the record, it is possible to accumulate its centering to 30 before resetting your uses. Do this once your group is almost ready. The reset of the usage points is still buggy so it seems difficult to use this technique. So choose wisely.


Complete guide

For the rest of the guide, with statistics, equipment, different attacks, rotations and more, I invite you to go to the Mothership site, where you will find (among other things) the complete guide:

Sentinel Surveillance

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