SWTOR - Colicoid War Game (Levels 37-41)

The Colicoïdes are an insectoid species specialized in the development and sale of weapons and technology. Throughout the war, the Colicoids sold their weapons to both sides, but now they want to align with a single faction. To find out which side most deserves their support, they organized a war game on an isolated asteroid, located somewhere in the Outer Rim.

Le Colicoid War Game is the ninth contentious area of ​​SW: TOR. To start it, please go to the "Departure of missions => Hangar of the transport vessel" area of ​​the Imperial or Republic fleet, a holoterminal awaits you there to brief you. Dark Malgus (Empire) or Shan villages (République) will explain the situation to you, may the best win!

To gain the favor of Colicoids and prevent the enemy from gaining access to powerful weapons, the Republic et the empire have agreed to participate in the war games. Both factions must send their best elite warriors to the asteroid where they will have to thwart the many traps that await them and face the Colicoids themselves.



Normal mode (levels 37-41)

This Flashpoint is designed for 4 players as each participant will need to take a seat at a cannon in order to protect the area. The beginning is quite difficult but the rest is very pleasant and not overly complicated.

Hard Mode: There is no hard mode yet.



These are 4 different challenges separated by a few packs of monsters to kill.

First, you will need secure two places against an attack of Colicoids and droids strangely resembling them (we now understand who makes this type of battle droid!)

Then, a small labyrinth presents itself to you. A player will have to operate a console in order to open a passage containing another console which will itself open another door leading to another console, etc ... The goal is to reach the end by activating and deactivating the consoles when needed so that all players get to the end and obviously no one gets stuck between the doors.

The penultimate round is a arena composed of 3 monsters (an Ackley and two Nexu very famous thanks to Star Wars II) to destroy. I would have liked a more elaborate tactic using a powerful Ackley, an agile Nexu and a Reek juggernaut ... Too bad! The last test is a huge droid of combat to destroy.


Weapon test fields

Presentation: each of the players in the group must board a cannon. Chance does things well, oh! So there are 4 cannons? Try to go up at the same time because when a player activates a cannon ... The fight begins! There are 2 areas of the weapon test to perform, one after the other.

Purpose: Simply aim at enemies in front of you and the shots will automatically fire if an enemy is lined up in front of your cannon. It's kind of a Shoot'em'all game.

For the first firing location: Colicoids and droids will arrive one after the other in waves. Each player must eliminate them as quickly as possible otherwise they will inexorably approach you in order to hit you (and they hurt the sagoons). I suggest you shoot the droids first if there are any as they can shoot you at long range unlike the Colicoids which are only melee.

For the first firing location: rebelote except that this time around there will be much bigger Colicoids every now and then, they will obviously be harder to kill and take up your time as the others move towards you. Good luck ! You can then take a breather. Look, we were playing music to celebrate the victory!

It's time to collect the first Reward Chest and continue on our way to the next challenge.

By the way, activate the droid (if you have recovery in business) which will help you fight.


Danger route

Presentation: you will have to activate and deactivate the consoles in order to go from point A to point B. Be careful not to leave players behind! There are two mini-puzzles, one after the other. I have marked the first in orange, the second in green.

Purpose: the numbers in the image just above represent the consoles to be activated. Each of these consoles will open a door when activated by a player, but if that player moves, then the console shuts down. It will therefore be necessary to activate it with the help of a player and stay nearby so that your ally can pass the open door and activate the new available console. Complicated ? But no, you will see. Activate the consoles in order and everything will be fine.


Orange zone : the orange console n ° 5 opens all the doors of the orange zone. Once activated, all players will be able to advance to the central area.

Watch out for those little things that spray fire in the area around them if you walk too close.

Also be careful with the droids Mk-3 (difficult alone) and Mk-X (in a mandatory group) who can throw you into the void! Small Mk-1 droids are easy to kill on your own.

Go to the center, watch out for the big battle droids.


Green zone: Likewise, activate the consoles in the order specified above on the map.

This done, the second chest is yours!

Then head to the communication station, noticing the small terminal on the side. It will take a follower of hacking to open the gate to kill the monsters present and collect some bonuses.

Here, a choice will be necessary:

  • be fair and let the Empire quietly pursue the challenges imposed by Colicoids - Bright spots
  • hack their door in order to prevent them from passing - Dark points

Forward to the arena and its 3 monstrously monstrous monsters.



There are two Nexus in front of you, kill them while focusing on one target at a time. The Ackley is further away, don't lure him in until you finish both Nexus. The best thing is for the tank to keep the Nexus on it and the healer to only focus on the tank. Will he not have to be unemployed?

Then do the same for the Ackley at the bottom.


Annihilateur 6K-A2

Same location, once all 3 arena beasts are killed, the large droid boss will appear.

Health Points: 112.345

Tips: It will fire big AoE attacks every now and then, if it does, you will see a red zone on the ground that will follow you until it locks in. When the boss's shot is locked, quickly get out of the area! That's all that could bother you ... Ouch I took a missile! See, by dint of speaking, I no longer pay attention to where I set foot.

Once the boss is defeated, the Litigation Zone is over. Don't forget to collect the loot from the boss and return to the holoterminal for a debriefing with your "Boss". You will get Belsavis accolades, experience and success.


Special thanks Odélion, Abouone et Brenhän for accompanying me in this dungeon.

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