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Hello, I'm Ornelia from the Epsilon Guild on the Mantle Of The Force server. Playing Sniper since his beginnings, I said to myself "what if I did a little knowledge sharing?". And yes, because sharing could make some people want to get into the Sniper, to take the plunge and take advantage of its formidable firepower. Well at least I hope this little guide can be useful.

First of all, I want to say that this guide is not "THE" Guide, it is just for me to share what I know about the Sniper. I am open to any (constructive) criticism, which would improve this modest guide. Hope this helps some.

Good reading to one and all.


  • Talent trees
  • Statistics
  • Equipment
  • Cycles and skills


Talent trees

  • Variant 1
  • Variant 2
  • Variant 3

Here is the one I use. The 2% alacrity allows a better recovery of energy but also a faster activation of all skills.


A rather special Variant which boosts the points of life of the Marksman. And then a "Good DPS is a DPS alive" as I have already been told.

A variant that I used during a period of 1 month, if it can be useful on Operations in Normal mode, to lighten the healers, it is completely useless on Hard mode. Indeed the life that we take back is not important enough to be really useful (of the order of 400 every 3 seconds approximately with 38.000 points of life).

Information from Leni (thanks for the clarification): using this variable increases the chances of activating the effects of relics. This is because the healing given by "Decisive Regulator" is added as a chance to activate in addition to normal attacks / skills.



  • Caps to reach
  • Statistics to promote

The precision

It is your top priority. You must quickly aim for 100% Accuracy from a distance. You can increase your score via the precision index. So why ?

  • to hit your target with each hit.
  • to increase your armor penetration on the target with skill use.


The Damage Bonus 

Here is your second main statistic. The higher it is, the harder you will hit. It is linked to the Power index. So why ?

The higher you score here, the higher your regular damage will be. Example: A Sniper with a bonus of 900 will do regular damage on the ambush between 8500-9200, while another Sniper with 1000 as a bonus will damage between 9200-10.

Combined with 25% critical chance and 70% surge, a Sniper with 1000 damage bonus can be ambushed at 12-000.


Critical Chances

You must achieve a minimum Critical Chance of 25%. You can increase your crit chance with the crit index but also with the hint (main stat). So why ?

Increasing your crit chance allows you to deal heavier damage more regularly.


The Crit Multiplier

A Score of at least 70% will suffice in Sniper. The Crit multiplier score is directly related to the influx index. So why ?

The higher your influx, the greater your critical hits will be. With 70% Multiplier, it will cause heavy damage.

We therefore saw just before the headings to be reached in order to have a semblance of good damage. Now let's talk about useful stats and to prioritize as a Sharpshooter:


As an Agent, you use the trick as your main statistic, it has several roles:

  • increased overall damage.
  • increased critical chance.



Like all classes, you will use endurance, it will increase your health points.



While you should NOT put any modifications, sophistication, or armor in Aim on your gear under any circumstances, it is worth looking for datacrons that augment that. Indeed the Aim, like the Hint, increases your chance of critical strike, and slightly your overall damage.


Now here are the statistics that are completely unnecessary to your class:

  • Vigor
  • Will


La Presence andExpertise are two separate statistics. Indeed the first increases the effectiveness of your partners, while the second increases your resistance to damage against other players, and the amount of damage you inflict on them.



Your gear will influence everything you do, so choose it after taking a step back from the rest of the stats it gives you. What is offered to you next is a personal choice, it is not the answer to all your problems, or even a guide to follow absolutely. It's only what I use on my own character.

The Global Set

headset : headset with Critical Index + Influx. Thus, I was able to reach my cap of 25% critical chance.

Implants : Power + Surge.

Relics : Power and main statistic. Those that have a 30% chance of activating. Namely Unexpected Assault and Concentrated Punishment. Some will tell you to go get the PvP Relics, they are not wrong, but I personally don't have time to farm PvP.

Helmet : Power mod and a sophistication Precision + Power (cap).

Torso : Power mod and a sophistication Precision + Power (cap)

Gloves : Power mod and a Power + Surge sophistication.

Belt : Power mod.

armbands : Power mod.

Leggings : Power mod and a Power + Surge sophistication.

boots : Power mod and a Power + Surge sophistication.

Secondary Weapon : Power mod and a sophistication Precision + Power (cap).

Primary Weapon : a Power mod and a precision + Power sophistication (cap)


The improvements

For my upgrades, they are all in Endurance + Hint. So why all of them?

  • Since my overall set emphasizes Power and Surge more, I had to make up for a lack of critical chance.
  • Hint, unlike potency, doesn't just increase a single value. Indeed, it allows me to obtain my cap in critical chance but it also increases my overall damage.

So, thanks to the exclusive use of the Hint on my buffs, I not only increased my crit chance beyond 25%, but I also greatly increased my regular damage.

For comparison, with a Power Upgrade Full Gear set, I hit ranged damage in 1950-2098, but dropped to 23% critical chance. While with a full Hint upgrade set, I upgraded to 1926-2077 ranged damage, but got 26% critical chance.

The loss of damage from a distance is therefore largely compensated by my critical cap.


Cycles and skills


Ballistic Shield: Reduces damage by 20% of the entire party in an area of ​​20 yards (use only under enemy damage area phases).

Shield Probe: Absorbs a moderate amount of damage (to be used when recovering aggro, or regular damage taken).

Evasion: increases your defense by 100% and removes a negative effect (to be used to lighten the work of healers on certain bosses).

Distraction: 12 second cooldown, interrupts an attack on an enemy target (the classic "cut" on Mass Affliction).

Countermeasures: decreases the generated threat (to be included in the cycle).

Flash Grenade: puts up to 8 targets to sleep for a short time. It wakes up if you attack them (useful on large groups of enemies, so that the tanks take less damage).

Droid Hack: Put a target droid to sleep for 1 minute.

Cover Pulse: Throws and immobilizes all non-immune targets around you within 20 yards (useful for freeing healers).

Adrenaline Probe: Restores your energy (if you get your cycle under control you will never use it).

Entrenchment: Immune to stun effects.

Escape: frees you from all effects that affect your movement speed.

Escape to Cover: Moves you forward quickly (during the roll duration you are immune to damage).

Rifle Shot: The basic attack, you will never normally use it.

Sniping: useful in the cycle (2 Sniping = 1 free continuity).

Ambush: useful in the cycle (1 Ambush = 1 free continuity).

Continuity: useful in the cycle.

Frag Grenade: useful against groups of enemies.

Explosive Probe: Rarely used in PvE for its high energy consumption, it is useful in PvP.

Corrosive dart: useful in the cycle (if you manage to include it).

Sniper Volley: Removes the cooldown of Shots and increases your energy regeneration.

Series of Shots: useful in the cycle (1 Series of shots = 1 free continuity).

Weakening: Wounds and paralyzes a nearby target for 5 seconds at a range of up to 5 meters (to be used if the enemy is melee).

Slash: Wounds a target at a range of 5 yards.

Shattering Shot: Useful in the cycle (reduces the target's healing and armor).

Grounding: useful in the cycle (usable only if the target has less than 30% of life points / 1 Grounding = 1 continuity).

Suppressive Shot: Shoots at an indicated area, damaging all enemies inside (you will never use it, it consumes too much and damages too little).

Orbital Strike: injures all targets within its range and can even knock them down (to be used on large groups of enemies).

Amorphous Target: Grants a 100% chance that your next Sniping Shot will be a critical hit.

Target gained: increases your accuracy as well as armor penetration (set bonus: energy boost).

Legshot: injures and slows the target (useful in PvP, rarely in PvE).

Overloaded Shot: Immediately fire with moderate power (don't use this, consumes too much power).


First of all, I want to clarify that the cycles indicated below are the ones I use, there are different variants, but they almost all look the same. With the cycle that I use, I never run out of energy no matter the time during the fight. They therefore correspond to MY style of play.

So if some do not agree with these cycles, it is absolutely their right. Please comment constructively if you need to pick me up on cycles (thanks in advance).

  • Regular combat
  • Target at 30% HP

Break Shot -> Corrosive Dart -> Ambush -> Continuity -> Series of Fire -> Continuity -> Sniper Volley -> Series of Fire -> Continuity -> Snipe -> Snipe -> Continuity -> Sniping - > Ambush -> Continuity -> Corrosive Dart -> Streak of Fire -> Continuity -> Sniping -> Sniping -> Continuity -> Snapping -> Ambush -> Continuity -> Breaking Shot -> Streak of Fire -> Continuity -> Sniper Volley -> Series of Fire -> Continuity -> Sniping -> Sniping -> Continuity -> Sniping -> Ambush -> Continuity -> Shattering Shot -> Corrosive Dart -> etc

The next cycle will be entered by imagining that we have just taken cover and all of our powers are recharged. Depending on when the target drops to 30% during your fight, all you have to do is resume from the stage closest to where you are.

Shattering Shot -> Ambush -> Continuity -> Series of Fire -> Continuity -> Sniper Volley -> Drop -> Continuity -> Series of Fire -> Continuity -> Corrosive Dart -> Sniping -> Sniping -> Continuity -> Ambush -> Continuity -> Landing -> Continuity -> Shattering Shot -> Series of Fire -> Continuity -> etc


It's yours ! Thanks for reading ?

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