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Judit Llordes


Let me introduce myself, Dark Saber Guild Maverick Obann on the Mantle of the force server. Here I am going to offer you a guide dedicated to the Marksmanship specialization in PvE. All the information that follows is taken from my playing experience, from tests that I was able to carry out as well as from various calculations made in guild. Hopefully this guide is helpful to you, let's get right to the heart of the matter.


Statistics to prioritize

The Statistics that you must climb in priority are as follows:

- the trick is your main statistic. It gives you almost everything you need to do badly i.e. Ranged Damage / Tech Damage as well as Ranged Crit / Tech Crit.

- accuracy, this statistic is there to increase the chances that you hit enemies. You have 90% basic distance accuracy, you will have to increase it to 100% in order to maximize your chances of hitting bosses with your so-called ranged attacks such as "Charged Burst" or "Cunning Shot" for example. As for your tech attacks like "Thermal Grenade", you have 100% base and you need 110%, so if you have the 100% cap needed for your ranged attacks, you will automatically get the 110%. for you technological attacks.

- the critical chances (to be increased to 30%) and the critical multiplier depending on the influx (to be increased to 75%). These two statistics are to be developed in parallel since the influx increases the damage inflicted by your critical attacks.

- the power. At first, you will not increase this statistic as a priority. On the other hand, once the 30% critical cap is reached, it will be very important because it increases your base damage and therefore takes precedence over the critical.

- alacrity. This statistic increases the speed of channeling and triggering of your spells, it is not to be mounted for a sniper special marksmanship apart via your skill tree.


Skill tree

Here is the optimized single-target skill tree for raids: 31/5/5


DPS and CD cycle

First of all, you must have the -20% armor debuff on your target that you apply with your "Sweeping Shot" spell at all times in order to increase your damage and that of your group.

Now, here is the priority order of spell combinations you need to use in order to maximize your damage while still allowing you to keep the correct energy level.

 Basic cycle 

  • Double shot - Burst volley - Double shot
  • Precise shot - Cunning shot
  • Charged Burst - Cunning Shot
  • Charged Burst - Salvo Fire


Do not hesitate to use your "Double Shot" even if your cooldown of "Burst Vol" is not available because with this spell, you are almost certain to trigger the talent "Quick Aim". Also consider using "Smuggler's Luck" which gives you 100% critical chance on your next "Charged Burst" spell.

Under 30% of a boss's or trash's health, you will be able to use your "Opportunism" execution, if you have a sufficiently full energy bar, which is normally the case. This spell should be your number 1 priority. 

Also remember to regularly use your spell "Surrender" which reduces your animosity to avoid problems of aggro recovery.

If you ever find yourself lacking energy, you never know it can always happen, don't forget that you have "Cool Head" which gives you back 50 points of energy for 3 seconds.

Phase de burst

During burst phases, ie when you use your relic, a stim as well as the "Illegal modifications" spell, respect the same order of priority, which gives us:

Double Shot - Burst Vol - Double Shot - Accurate Shot - Cunning Shot - Smuggler's Luck - Charged Burst - Cunning Shot


AoE cycle (or multi-target) 

You will use this cycle almost exclusively on trash mobs.

XS Cargo Parade - Thermal Grenade - Burst Fire

Warning : These area spells consume a lot of energy, so use them wisely.


Protection spells

As a maverick you also have several defensive CDs:

- For yourself: "Dodge" and "Defensive screen"

- For your group: "Scrambling fields"


Hoping to have been clear enough, if you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate.

Obann, a potential noob.

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