SWTOR - Summary livestream Q / A and recap of KotET.

For this last livestream before the release of Knights of the Eternal Throne, Eric Musco (Community Manager), Charles Boyd (Director of the story) and Ben Irving (Producer), the three musco-silent ... she is not from me this joke, were present to recap this extension, and answer questions from the community. Might as well be straightforward, not much new here, and most of the questions answered already had an answer! Two or three interesting pieces of information were nevertheless given, in particular on the fifth anniversary.



  • Community topics
  • Subscriber rewards and special cartel promotions
  • Kote
  • Galactic Command
  • Uprisings
  • Dark vs Light
  • Classes
  • Fifth Anniversary
  • Planning of things to come

Community topics

  • They will put the character transfers back into promotions, for the arrival of KotET
    • Promotions from November 29 to January 18
    • 90 Cartel Coins (CP) for normal transfer
    • 150 PCs for an inter-region transfer


Subscriber rewards and special Cartel promotions

  • For subscribers on November 27: Fast Mounted Recognition Walker
  • Subscribers from October 25 to November 27: early access
  • On the occasion of Black Friday, collection unlocks are at 50% until next Wednesday
  • From Friday, November 25 until the 28, a type of cartel objects (equipment, decorations, ...) is on sale every day.


Knights of the Eternal Throne

  • Nine new chapters
    • Two new planets
    • Alien Token to start at level 60 or 65
    • Chapters repeatable and with several levels of difficulty (KotFE too!)
    • Several gameplay innovations
  • Galactic command
    • Five new uprisings
    • Dark vs Light
  • Five new character levels
    • New capabilities
  • After expansion: doing a story-focused expansion was great, but the story chapters per month weren't great because it lacks replayability and players didn't find the reward appropriate. So the next time we have a big block of stories (heard solo), it will probably be for the next expansion and not every month as in the case of KotFE.
  • Summary of previous episodes concerning the story, we find ourselves with several forces present:
    • The presence of the Alliance
    • Vaylin
    • Senya and Arcann
    • Valkorion
    • Two new planets Iokath and Nathema: see last week's summary.
    • During the expansion we will not go to Tython but we will learn more about what happened to the jedi and sith, and we will visit planets already in play such as the capitals.
  • Repeatability of chapters
    • 25 chapters from KotFE to KotET.
    • New interface to launch chapters and change difficulties.
    • Story and veteran mode at launch, master level coming in January.
    • The choices of the first time when a chapter is played are kept but not those redone after which allows to see the possible choices within a chapter.
    • Veteran mode available from the first attempt for a more intense challenge.
    • Veteran mode aligns with level, including max level.
    • Balanced for medium gear (level 2) and 20 influence companion.
  • Gameplay innovations, new experiences to be had:
    • Are done in the manner of Chapter HK with a temporary skill bar.
    • Piloting a walker: seems to be on Voss, the planet of the first chapter. You can fight in the walker and crush enemies with it.
    • Go undercover in the guise of a knight of Zakuul.
    • Pilot a mouse droid.
    • More so apparently.
  • There are performance improvements in the game as well as in the graphics.


Galactic Command

  • Accessible at level 70: see the dedicated summary for more details.
  • Coming Command Experience Boost! About 20% more to be won.
  • Standard enemies don't give command experience but everything else more or less does!
  • Rank 300 is the maximum rank at cast.
  • There are four possible types of gear: Green, Blue, Purple, and Legendary (which is therefore very rare, and actively returning to the game).



  • Group of 4 content made to be fast and intense.
  • Five upcoming uprisings with Eternal Throne.
  • Accessible from anywhere via Galactic Command at level 70.
  • Story and veteran mode at launch.
  • Master mode and more uprisings to come later.


Dark vs Light

  • From level 1 we can fight for one or the other side and influence the balance of the galaxy
  • See the dedicated summary for more information.
  • Items available to vendors are cosmetic and alignment related and possibly other surprises.
  • Insights into the Alignment Bosses that spawn in the Galaxy after a side defeats:



  • Choice of the advanced class now at level 1.
  • All the "stanzas" (cylinders or forms) are now passive of the discipline.
  • New rank of usage points for each advanced class.
  • Lots of changes for each class, very very long Monday patch-notes, over 38 pages.

Here are the animations of the various class skills:

Click to see the animations




Fifth Anniversary

  • We can find several things to the seller:
    • Senya holo-trainer.
    • Jawa of Celebration: counts for success "that's just wrong".
    • Fortress decorations in the form of seven paintings with each of the expansion loading screens.
  • Fortresses of Dromund Kaas and Coruscant available for 5 credits.


Planning of things to come

  • Upcoming update:
    • Early access Tuesday, November 29.
    • Launch for everyone on Friday, December 2.
    • More livestreams to come in December and January.


In the various information, we have confirmation that there would be no new fortresses with the launch of KotET. In addition, the day of life event will have new rewards and items, including the cartel with the addition of a wampa companion.


Thanks to Jagent for helping out with this summary, if you want to watch the live again it's here:

Live Stream

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