SWTOR - Summary of information on 5.2

In recent weeks, Bioware has posted a number of information regarding the new Iokath area, as well as the mechanics unique to that area. The first wave of information to have been communicated to us concerns the conditions of access to the story and the area of ​​Iokath. Thus, we learn that:

  • The only prerequisite to access the story content of 5.2 is to have a level 70 character.
  • You don't need to have an active subscription to play story content. But, to have a level 70, it will be necessary to have been subscribed at least 1 month since the release of KOTET. Free-to-play restrictions still apply. You will therefore need to be a subscriber to access the "The Gods from the Machine" operation.
  • Characters will not need to have completed KOTFE or KOTET to play the new story. But it is highly recommended to have them done before playing this one because of course there will be big revelations concerning these story arcs. If you haven't finished these arcs, the default choices will be applied for this new story. Note that playing this new story arc will not affect your progress in previous KOTFE / KOTET arcs.
  • To start the new story arc, all you need to do is go to the mission terminal in your personal ship and accept the mission “The Forgotten World.”


The second wave of information concerns the choice of the faction in this new zone. Indeed, as it had been announced, during this scenario arc, it will be possible to choose to help the Empire or the Republic, regardless of the faction of origin of his character. It should be noted that the choice of faction in this arc will have no impact outside of the area ofIokath.

  • The choice of the faction carried out during the story will have consequences on the story itself, it will be necessary to choose conscientiously. This choice will of course be taken into account for future scenario arcs.
  • After the story content, the faction chooses will determine which base and which daily missions you will have access to.
  • Completing the Daily Missions will grant you Reputation for the chosen faction's reputation path on Iokath.
  • Killing enemies can grant you reputation consumables for your chosen faction.
  • For open PvP on Iokath, allies and enemies are determined by the faction chosen in the story.
  • If you do anything outside of Iokath (War Zone / Operation etc ...), your faction will be the original one.


The third wave of information concerns PvP on the planet Iokath:

  • In the open world, as stated earlier, allies and enemies are determined by the faction chosen, not the original faction of your class.
    • If you are a Soldier and choose to fight for the Republic, you will be displayed as an enemy for a Jedi Knight who chooses to fight for the Empire.
    • Choosing which faction to help has no effect on your character outside of Iokath.
  • It will be possible to recover a currency specific to Iokath by killing other players. It is not a question of stealing them from the other players but of "recovering" them by killing them in the same way as the loot of the NPCs.
  • This currency can be spent on Iokath to do special things like piloting a Walker. It will be possible to pilot the walker in the same area as the other players and therefore use this said walker to cause deadly damage to other players.


The 4th wave of information concerns the redesign of the galaxy map:

  • You will need to own your personal ship to use this galaxy map.
  • It will be possible to access the galaxy map from anywhere by clicking on the mini-map icon (shortcut shift + M).
  • Take advantage of inheritance benefits:
    • If you have acquired the Fast Travel Perk, you will be able to travel directly to your personal ship from the galaxy map.
    • If you have Priority / Planetary Transport, transport to the area in question will be free via the galaxy map.
    • Priority Transport perks work the same but no longer have a cooldown.
  • Fast travel can now be used from inside a ship hangar.



Note that a demonstration of this new card was scheduled last night on Twitch! Were you able to watch the show?


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