SWTOR - Temple of Sacrifice: Revanite Commanders (Hard)

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After having with difficulty or not defeated the sub Sub-Ranger in difficult mode, you will be entitled to face the penultimate boss of Operation Temple of Sacrifice, namely: The Revanite Commanders.


Description of the fight

You will have different waves of revanites to kill and regularly, the 3 commanders will descend in turn before ending up coming to face you all together. The difference with the Story mode is played on the damage of the revanites and the life points of the protagonists.

Commanders' health points: 1 PV each.

Health points of the revanites: 74 PV whatever their type.

Fight time before enrage: Greater than 7 minutes 30sec.


Combat abilities

Each commander has their own abilities and so does each type of revanite. Here they are detailed one by one:

  • Courses
  • Deron
  • Healthy

Leaping shock : Targeted purple zone around the person with aggro (normally the tank). Deals high AoE damage after 3 seconds of channeling.

Kurse also has a passive buff that reduces players' AoE damage.

Tracing missile : Quick attack channeled over 1 second that returns in a loop. Applies a stacking lock effect on the targeted person at random.

Guided missile flurry : Fires numerous missiles targeting all party members in front of Deron. Each person takes damage based on the number of lock effects that are landed on them.


Deron should not be picked up by tanks. If they do, the tracer missiles will systematically go at them and during the guided missile flurry, they will have difficulty surviving the cumulative effects.

Bouclier : Place a purple shield that protects it from all damage from outside. DPS must be placed inside.

In addition, Sano controls his target regularly by throwing it to the ground. The second tank must recover aggro at this point.

Abilities are evenly split between kinetic, energy, and internal damage.


Here are then the three types of revanites that will arrive in addition to the three bosses and the abilities of each of them:

  • Révanites Mandaloriens
  • Sith Revanites
  • Outlaw Revanites

Death From Heaven : Spell identical to that of the Mercenary / Specialist in terms of its effects. Significant damage.

Car shooting : Shooting on the target. Channeled spell. Medium to high damage depending on the target's armor.

These revanites do not have any particular active ability. They deal melee damage with the lightsaber and get closer to their target with Ravager's Force Leap.

They also have a passive buff reducing area damage. The latter is identical to that of Kurse.

Cryo-grenade : Channel applying a control effect after 3 seconds.

Tir the saturation : Cone-shaped blaster shot. Deals high damage. Potentially fatal.

The most dangerous adds are the Outlaw Revanites, followed by the Mandalorian Revanites and finally the Sith Revanites.


Course of the fight

The fight takes place as follows:

The first 6 phases are more or less random. The fight begins with a wave of revanites and the bosses take turns arriving regularly. You will have to respect these few points to ensure the dps on the bosses and your survival during these phases:

  • When a boss goes down, the DPS will have to focus on it imperatively. One tank picks up the boss in question unless it's Deron and the other takes care of picking up the most dangerous little revanites as much as possible.
  • In the absence of a boss, the DPS will kill the revanites starting with the most dangerous as described in the previous part.
  • In the sixth phase, you will need to take down the boss as much as possible and make sure that there aren't too many revanites left to relieve your healers.

If all goes well, each boss should phase towards 63% after their first pass and 30% on the second. Once you have thus passed these first 6 phases, the three commanders return at the same time to plunge into the fight for the last wave of assault. Elite level revanites continue to arrive during this phase. They are the main source of damage which is likely to kill you if you are not careful enough with their AoE damage. One tank has to deal with Kurse and another with Sano. Regularly a tank is checked, the tanks must switch at this time.

In this phase, the role of the DPS is to drop the bosses as quickly as possible in the following order: Deron, Sano, Kurse. At the same time, and jointly with the healers, they must organize themselves to control the revanites. The most dangerous are those who arrive on the right of the room, so they will be your No. 1 control target. For this, consider taking useful uses like time increases, damage reductions, instant channels or others.


Additional tips

This strategy places all DPS permanently on commanders as soon as they descend. If you have enough dps to be a little wide at the end, you can leave one in the last phase which will help the healers by killing the little revanites (always respecting the order of dangerousness).

The fight lasts more than 7 minutes, so you can therefore use your group utilities (BL) twice during the fight if you put them early enough (at the second boss that goes down at the latest).


Known bugs

Revanite damage cones may be ineffective in the visible location. In short, the animation doesn't always happen in the same place as where the damage applies. Make sure you listen carefully to the sounds that indicate when you are taking damage and watch your life bars and don't hesitate to stay mobile as much as possible.

The bosses sometimes stay down when they should have gone back to their platform. This bug can occur for all members of the group at the same time or for only a few.



  • 1 Leg token 198
  • 1 Token belt 198.
  • 1 Object Outside set 198.
  • 1 exons.
  • 6 Ultimate Honors.
  • 8 Elite Distinctions.



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